Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Thrift store finds

A few weekends back I visited my sister in a few towns away, we spent one afternoon going to a few thrift stores-It always amazes me the things for sale! I found 2 great finds that cost me a total of $4.31!! First this game, I was on the hunt for more bingo games, but I only found this game. The side of the box say 1964 on it. I have never heard of it, but the inside pieces are cool.
There are several decks of cards with the alphabet on them, not sure what I will use them for, but I am sure they will show up in my mini album kits in the future.

Next up patterns. I found 2 bags of 6-7 patterns for .99 cents! Look how fun the images on the patterns are! Not to mention the patterns inside that are great for flowers, collages and such. Look for these projects coming soon!


Amy Pitts said...

so never thought of using game peices on my crafty thigns. Brilliant! I am going garage saling this weekend I guess I will be looking at some stuff a little differently than before.

Karen said...

Oh my brother and sister and I loved to play Probe when we were growing up. How fun to see that blast from the past! I bet you'll make something really cool with those game pieces.