Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Heart Pin cushion

I needed some easy and inexpensive gifts for a weekend group of friends that I got together with. I had several of these jars left over when I was organizing buttons. I decided a pin cushion would make easy and simple gifts. I found the fabric at a local craft store and I found the sewing kits at the dollar store.
I have a couple extra and they will be for sale in my etsy store.


Karen said...

Very cute idea! I love it. I am a quilter and crafter and would love to receive one of these. Thanks for sharing.

Milenna said...

Aaron these are gorgeous; I love your blog. I want to do these for mother's day presents, but I am going to make them into a mother survival kit. I would like to make them and feature them on my blog. I will link to your blog and give you credit for the idea is that okay with you? LMK. Thanks. Milenna