Thursday, December 24, 2015

Insides of the CTMH planner

 The inside of the CTMH planner is a blank slate! How fun for those of us who want to decorate! I started off by adding some of the *new* stickers from the Charlotte line! How fun is that!
Let me show you how I highlight birthdays in my planner.
I used the CTMH watercolor set to paint in my planner! Yes you can!
I used some washi tape to mark off the area I wanted to paint. The key to this is to not use too much water. Your planner is not made of watercolor paper, but it can handle a little water and paint. Just use some less wet paint brush. (I also used a craft heater to dry it quickly)

A few more awesome features of the planner are the TODAY page marker-its clear and that's a huge bonus and it's the perfect place to keep the sticky notes and flags.
I use flags for things in my planner that can move around. For example below I need to type up the Agenda for a meeting, but if I don't get it done on that day I can add it to the top of my list the next day.
 The planner also comes with a pocket page. It's great for holding planner stickers and other things I refer to often!

 It's Christmas Eve and all the gifts are wrapped under the tree, but take a few minutes on this wonderful holiday and treat yourself to a planner. It will be in your hands just as the new year starts!
I promise to show you all kinds of ideas this year on how to use it.

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Maz said...

Great ideas - I am new to the whole planner thing. Love the watercolour idea & will give it a go.