Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Stardust Card Set

Over the weekend I taught this class using the Stardust paper pack and Reach for the stars stamp set. We had so much fun! All card patterns are from the CTMH Originals book
Supplies from CTMH-Stardust Paper packet, White daisy mini medley accents, white daisy ribbon, foam squares, prisma glitter, colonial white hemp, Staz on black ink, moonstruck ink, topiary ink, colored pencils, liquid glass, Reach for the stars stamp set

Monday, March 30, 2009

CPS Sketch 109

This is my card for this week's CPS sketch. And this is a sneak peak at one of up coming CTMH specials. The flower in the center is a stamp set and die cuts that will be in the "Tickled Pink" National Scrapbooking Month Special. There are lots more stuff to it, but that's all I am going to tell you right now.

Supplies from CTMH-Juniper CS, Key to MY Heart pattern paper, tulip ink, juniper ink, Botanical die cuts, Tickled Pink stamp set, Tickled Pink white daisy die cuts
Other-circle punch,foam squares

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Not Today----

This weekend is full of Classes, company and a wedding. I just didn't find the time! Check back on Monday for a sneak peak at something new from CTMH.
In the meantime enjoy the picture of my sweet baby.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Color Inspiration-2 Cards

I made the large butterfly card on the left first, but didn't really like it. I think I don't like the circles and butterfly being off center, I wish it was more in the center. So I set it aside and made the "wishing you all the best" card. I kept looking at the butterfly card, and it began to grow on me, but still wish that the circles and butterfly were in the center. The "wishing you all the best" card was inspired by this card.

Supplies from CTMH-Cocoa CS, Creme brulee CS, Goldrush CS, White Daisy CS, Cocoa ink, Goldrush ink, Creme brulee ink, clear embossing powder, goldrush button, butterfly wings stamp set
Other-Netibilities die cuts, hole punch, scallop Punch, brown ribbon
Spring Tags from Papertrey ink

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lifted from PaperCrafts page 29

So I think that I am the very last subscriber to get my copy of Papercrafts Magazine every time. Maybe it's because I love it so much that I can hardly wait for it show up in my mail box. (or my other theory is that someone at the post office reads it first)
As soon as I saw the card on page 29, I thought "oooh I have some clear flowers like that" How cleaver of the creator to heat up the flower to make it curl.

Supplies from Close to My Heart-Watermelon Textured CS, Black CS, White Daisy CS, Watermelon ink, black ink, sponge, clear flowers, black bigger brads, pink paper flowers, silver brads, Intrinsic background stamp set, western flourishes stamp set, For ever occasion stamp set
Other-glitter glue

I also wanted to put in a quick plug for Papercrafts magazine. I have heard of a few people not so happy with this issue. I loved it!(it is full of great cards, projects and I am lovin the new format!) I did notice that it was a little thinner than normal and a lot less ads. I know that lots of companies are going different routes for advertising and I hope that this wont effect Papercrafts Magazine as it is my favorite. Not to mention they are awesome to work for! Just my opinion!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Liquid Applique

Last Friday I had a few ladies over to learn about Liquid Applique. This strange substance can add a fun touch to any project!
This For You card was one of my Samples.
Supplies from CTMH-Key to My Heart pattern paper, Die cut flowers, colonial white CS, Sorbet CS, Juniper CS, Juniper ink, Juniper brad, Liquid Applique, Say it with Style stamp set
Other-scallop punch

This cupcake card is one we made. To get the "silky" look, apply the liquid applique and let air dry.
Supplies from CTMH-Emporium creative basics pattern paper, twilight CS, colonial white CS, twill ribbon, liquid applique, cupcake sprinkles stamp set, twilight ink, bamboo ink, foam squares

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Inter-active cards

I watched this great video here, that had the directions for making these inter-active cards. The monkey card is my absolute favorite!

Here is the view when you pull the sides out, you see the sentiment!
Supplies from CTMH- Garden Green CS, Colonial white CS, Indian corn blue ink, desert sand ink, black ink, garden green ink, Olive marker, Say it with style stamp set
Other-copic markers, monkey stamp from Stampendous(I think?)

Supplies from CTMH- Barn red CS, Colonial white CS, Indian corn blue ink, Outdoor denim ink, Barn red ink, black ink, Olive ink, Olive water color pencil, black my legacy writer, Stay it with style stamp set, worlds best dad stamp set

Monday, March 23, 2009

CPS Sketch

This is my card for this week's CPS Sketch. My sister gave me some copic markers for my birthday, and I have been practicing with them. I will say that I still need lots more practice, but I am getting a little better. My blog friend Sparkle gave me some pointers, and it helped lots! I think she is the best at copic coloring by far. For starters I am trying simple, non-detailed images. I pulled out this Uptown Girl stamp set, that has been retired for years, but still one of my favorites. So I am still a colored pencil kinda girl, but I look for a few more projects with the copic markers coming soon.

Supplies from CTMH-Boom-di-ada pattern paper, Buttercup CS, Hollyhock CS, Just blooms flowers, hollyhock ribbon, hollyhock button, Uptown girl stamp set, Todays date stamp set
Other-Graphite Black ink, Copic markers

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Color Challenge-mushrooms

This weeks color challenge from Kwernerdesign.com is a really cute set. I really like the black added it in the combo. This reminds me alot of the Notebook paper pack from CTMH.
Supplies from CTMH-
Black CS,Blush CS, Heavenly Blue CS, Hollyhock CS, Black ink, Blush ink, Heavenly blue ink, foam squares, Whooo loves you stamp set, Because of you stamp set
Other-black ribbon

Friday, March 20, 2009

Lots a buttons

This card turned out completely different that what I had envisioned. I am still not 100% sure I like it.
Supplies from CTMH-Twilight CS, Cocoa CS, Colonial white CS, Sorbet CS, Twilight ink, Cocoa ink, Sorbet ribbon, colonial white floss, Aspiration Stamp set, Connections stamp set, edge distresser

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ladybug Stationary Set

I have always thought ladybugs were so cute. This was one of my submissions for the Guest Star Stampers on PapertreyInk last month. I used one of the templates from Lauren Meander and I have to say it's a great template and easy to use.
Supplies from CTMH-Chocolate CS, Hollyhock CS, White Daisy CS, Chocolate ink, Hollyhock ink, Chocolate ribbon, foam squares
Supplies from Papertrey ink-Little Lady stamp set, Box template

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Stamp Kissing

So I have been have the worst luck with computers the past week and a half. Last week we launched a new website at my office, and a day later my office computer was infected with some sort of Trojan. The IT guy had my computer for a week and ended up removing windows are re installing it. I finally got all the software and programs install today and it is now good to go. Here's the bad news, I happened to look in "sent messages"folder on my home laptop and see a bunch of emails with RE:Hi as the subject. I didn't send that. I did open a message that said just that from someone I know and it said something about knock off jeans at a discount. I deleted it.

So I think-oh no! I quickly sent out an email to everyone in my address book Warning them! So here is my warning to you--RE:Hi=bad! Sometimes I think maybe I just will give up computers completely-but then I couldn't show you cute ideas like this! Now that I have that off my chest.....

ON to the Stamp kissing-Both of these cards are for one of my upcoming classes. For the little bird I used the "dirty kissing" technique! I can't wait to share that name with my customers.
Supplies from CTMH-Crystal blue CS, Tulip CS, Olive CS, Colonial White CS, Olive buttons, Olive ribbon, edge distresser, Tulip ink, Crystal Blue ink, Intrinsic background stamp set, Just because stamp set, cottage floral stamp set

Supplies from CTMH-Caprice pattern paper, Crystal blue CS, Chocolate CS, Colonial White CS, Chocolate ink, Crystal Blue ink, Chocolate brads, Bird Basics stamp set, Intrinsic stamp set

NOTE: The pre formatted cupcake recipes from this project and this project have been loaded on etsy.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

1 pattern, 2 Cards

It is no secret that my favorite card pattern book is the Originals Book from CTMH. There is not a pattern in the book that I don't like. These 2 cards are from the pattern "balance it out"

Supplies from CTMH-Colonial White CS, Crystal Blue CS, Buttercup CS, Bamboo ink, Buttercup ink, Crystal Blue Ink, Heavenly Blue Ribbon, Sparkles, Easter Eggs stamp set

Blush CS, Colonial White CS, Chocolate CS, Garden Green CS, Tulip brads, Pattern paper from That's Amore, Chocolate ribbon, Chocolate ink, foam squares, Ambiance stamp set, prisma glitter

Monday, March 16, 2009

CPS Sketch

This is my card for this weeks CPS sketch. I really like this pattern. I want you to know that I almost went with scallops-but forced myself to use the ric-rack.

Supplies from CTMH-Pattern paper from More to Adore, Chocolate CS, Colonial White CS, Blush CS, Chocolate ink, Blush marker, Black marker,Olive marker, Blush ric-rack, You are Beautiful stamp set

Saturday, March 14, 2009

March Operation Smile Project-Cupcake Recipe Box

I am really excited about this months Operation Smile project. This box can be used for so many things. In this project I used it for a recipe card box, but the possibilities are endless. Below you can see a project where it holds 2 king size Kit Kat Candy bars and I think it will also make a great box for cards as well.
If you would like to purchase the template visit my etsy store at
The template will cost you $1.00 and all of the proceeds will be donated to Operation Smile.
I will tell you that I found all of the recipes for the cupcakes here. I did edit the size of the recipes so they would fit in the box on 4x6 cards. They are also the same size used on this project.

I was thinking that you might like to have the already formatted recipes. So that all you have to do is print them out on cardstock and cut them out. There are a total of 10 recipes (2 per page) What do you think about those 5 pre formatted recipe pages also being sold for a $1.00 donation to Operation Smile? I gave you the address above for all of the recipes, but would it be easier if all you had to do was print them out? Leave me a comment on what you think, and I will decide based on those comments.

Supplies from CTMH-Buttercup CS, Heavenly Blue CS, Blush CS, Hollyhock CS, White Daisy CS, Liquid Applique, Sparkles, Prisma glitter, glue pen, assorted buttons, foam squares, Buttercup ink, Heavenly blue ink, blush in, Hollyhock ink, Good Times stamp set, Annotations stamp set

Here is a sample with 2 king size Kit Kat Candy Bars. They fit perfect!
Supplies from CTMH-Boom-di-ada paper packet, Boom-di-ada Stickease, Autumn terracotta ribbon, Sparkles

If you would like the template for this project please visit

Friday, March 13, 2009

Lemonade Kit

So our weather here is been all over the place. Last week we were in the 80's and even the 90's. This week down to the 30's with a windchill of 20! All last week I wore flip flops, I love flip flops and I am so ready for Summer.
I made this last year for a project call, and I came across it yesterday. That is a clear CD case holding a swirly straw, drink mixes and umbrellas!
Supplies from CTMH-Sunny Yellow CS, Black CS, White Daisy CS, Black ink, Sunny Yellow ink, Buttercup ink, Prisma Glitter, foam squares, Summer Sweetness stamp set
Other-Black ribbon
Oh-Please let Summer come back!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Color Inspiration #45

Do you think someone can overdose on Scallops and Sparkles? Everything, and I mean everything that I have created the past few days has scallops and sparkles on it. Be for long I am going to get comments telling me to stop with the scallops and sparkles!! This weeks card had a purpose-I needed a wedding card. You can never go wrong with Black and white for a wedding card. Check out the other entries here
Supplies from CTMH-White Daisy Textured CS, Black CS, Grey Wool CS, Grey wool ink, Black ink, sparkles, Friendship blessing stamp set, For every occasion stamp set, intrinsic background stamp set
Other-scallop punch, hole punch

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Butterfly Cards

The March Stamp of the Month from CTMH is one of my all time favorite. I love Butterflies, and this set has some of the best on the market.

Supplies from CTMH-Cocoa CS, Creative Basics Emporium pattern paper, Twilight CS, Cocoa ink, Twilight ink, Chipboard H, Twilight ribbon, Cocoa ribbon, edge distresser, standing kit, foam squares, butterfly wings stamp set, intrinsic background stamp set

Both patterns are from the CTMH Originals Book

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cupcake Recipe Book

This is a project I made for a contest-using a new favorite product of mine- Bragin Tag Mini Album. Until I made this album, I had never even opened the box that it came in. When I was at convention 4 years ago we made one, but I had forgotten about them.
I did remove the post and add a loose leaf ring so the album would "flip"

For the center cupcake I used Liquid Applique for the icing and brads fro the sprinkles.
Supplies from CTMH-Bragin tag mini album, Magic moments paper packet, Hollyhock ribbon, pretty pin, sunflower brads, hollyhock brads, sweetleaf brads, cocoa brads, foam squares, sweetleaf ink, bamboo ink, hollyhock ink, cocoa ink, liquid applique, Cupcake sprinkles stamp set.
Other-Loose leaf ring

FYI-I am putting the final touches on March Operation Smile Template. I will be showing you a Recipe box for Cupcakes. So be watch for that this weekend.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Winner and CPS Sketch

And the winner is.....

Random numbers generated Mar 9 2009 at 10:24:30 by www.psychicscience.org.Free educational resources for parapsychology, psychical research & mind magic.
Shelby said...
Happy Birthday Aaron! Thanks for all the wonderful creations! I am guessing 32? I hope you have a great day tomorrow! Thanks for the opportunity to win the great prizes!
March 8, 2009 3:28 PM
And just FYI I turned 33 yesterday~

Congrats to you Shelby!! Send me an email with your address ( for UPS) and I will send off you prize right away! My email address is kabrown63@hotmail.com

Now for my card. Those curve lines under the flowers really through me off. In fact, I really don't like this card and almost trashed it. My sister was here when I made it and said it was cute so I kept it.
Supplies from CTMH-Spring IrisCS, White Daisy CS, Spring Iris ink, Die cut flowers, sparkles, edge distressers, playful flourishes stamp set, Say it in Style stamp set

Saturday, March 7, 2009

50,000 Hit Give-Away!!!!!

Here's the loot!! A Stamp It! Cards issue with 2 of my projects inside, some embellishments, A few cards, an acrylic bookmark and the stamp set Treasure Life.
So How to Win? Tomorrow is my Birthday, leave a comment with your guess of how old I will be and you will be entered in the contest--Contest end Sunday night at midnight(central time) I will use a random number generator to pic a winner Monday morning.
Good Luck!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Blue green Star Card

So I am not much of a blue/green girl (as you can tell from lots of my posts) but I am just lovin' this Stardust paper packet! I made a set of cards for a class and now I am using blue and green more and more--
Supplies from CTMH-Stardust pattern paper, Topiary CS, White Daisy CS, Moonstruck ink, Prisma glitter, Shinning Star stamp set.
Other-white buttons, blue ribbon

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Color Challenge-oh the pink and brown!

There was a time I used pink and brown on everything. It was and still is my favorite! I could make everything with those combo's but even I could get bored with that!
This is my card for the color challenge over at KWernerdesign.com go by and check out the other entries!

Supplies from CTMH-Blush CS, White Daisy TCS, Chocolate CS, Cocoa ink, Chocolate ink, Blush ink, Blush Button, Paper flower, Code it stamp set, Connections stamp set
Other-Scallop punch, corner rounder, hole punch

It looks like I am about to have 50,000 hits on my blog, and I think that calls for a Give-Away!
I will see what kind of goodies I have and do a give-away on Saturday Morning, so be sure to check back for that!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Watercolor Flowers

To get the Watercolor look for the flowers on this card, I inked the stamp, and then sprayed it lightly with a water, then quickly stamp.
Supplies from CTMH-Hollyhock CS, Black CS, White Daisy CS, Hollyhock ink, Black ink, Olive ink, Pattern paper from Boom-di-ada, sweetleaf ribbon, sparkles, March word puzzle stamp set

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Easter York Patty Treats

This is a really fun box with York peppermint patty "suckers". I used sucker sticks and inserted them into the peppermint patties, then I covered the patties with die cut flowers. I used floral foam in the bottom of the box to hold the suckers in. For the grass I cut strips of cardstock and crinkled them up like a piece of trash.
Supplies from CTMH-Chocolate CS, Sorbet CS, Colonial White CS, Juniper CS, Sorbet ribbon, Chocolate brads, Chocolate ink, Sorbet ink, Creme brulee ink, die cut flowers.
Other-floral foam, york peppermint patties, sucker sticks