Thursday, July 31, 2008

Day 2

Well, we woke up late this morning, so this will be short and sweet. JoAnn and I had a blast at Epcot yesterday, my favorite was the Behind the Seeds tour of the Greenhouses. Saw a few sneak peeks of new stuff-more details later-

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Day 1

We made it! We had a long day of flying and waiting, but we are here. The hotel is wonderful, they were out of regular rooms, so for no extra charge we were upgraded to a suite!!(regular price $600 per night) Lots and Lots of room, with a full kitchen, table and a king size bed. The hotel is huge-we walk around a little last night looked a few things, and we have live alligators!!
I don't think there will be anyway to upload my pictures, so it looks like it will just be updates only :(
A few of us are headed to Epcot today, while others are going to Leadership day.
Check back soon!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Heading out...

I will do my best to post updates and pictures from Florida!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Lunch with a Soldier and Cards for a Sketch

Here are my cards for this weeks CPS sketch. I am not 100% happy with these card, I do love the random stamped CS and the colors, but for some reason I found the sketch hard.
Supplies from CTMH-Colonial White CS, Hollyhock CS, OLive CS, pattern paper from Boom-di-ada, Olive Ink, Hollyhock Ink, Buttercup Ink, rhinestone flowers, Fun Times stamp set, Cottage Floral Stamp set
Other-pink ribbon
I had lunch with Cody(the Army Soldier that we have been sending cards to) today! We had a really nice time, and he was so thankful for what we have been doing. I will say that I didn't understand 90% of what he was talking about. I think I might need a translator- "0900" "rack"
"POD's" and yada yada yada- I will have to have Charlie tell me what we talked about.
Anyway, I asked Cody what he wanted, and he likes to be surprised. He did mention that they enjoy the magazines, they read them while they are on watch. (I thought this was odd, but maybe it's one of those "code words"). His tour in Iraq ends in November, and I know his parents will be glad to have him back home for good. So if you would like to help out with cards for the troops email me at
I leave in the morning for Convention, I plan on posting with all the yummy details while I am gone. I hope I can get pictures on here from the hotel room computer. So check back often.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Card sketch and embossing

Here is the sketch from CPS.
If you notice, I made a mistake on the sketch. I had looked at the pattern early in the week, and when I made the card last night I did it from memory. My memory must be slipping, I put the 2 small squares on the left.
I tried out some embossing powders for the flowers on this card. I have never been much into embossing, just because I haven't figured out how to get all the loose powder off. I will say that I had better luck with removing it this time. I used a small paint brush. If you know any tips let me know-
Supplies from CTMH-Olive CS, Desert Sand CS, Colonial white CS, Olive Ink, Desert Sand ink, stylus, Treasured life stamp set, Pansy Purple embossing powder, watermark stamp pad, Pattern paper from Enchanted
Other-ribbon, and leaf punch

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Life Saver and Info on getting published

I have had several comments with questions asking me how to get published. I am by no means an expert on this, nor do I have any inside information. This is just how I go about getting published or winning the art contest.
For getting published-

1. Magazine's have specific things they are looking for-look on there website. It only appears for a short amount of time. I will tell you that with PC magazine they send out an email to previously published artist listing what they need. This happens a few days before the information is released to the public and we are not allowed to share.

2. They will take submissions at anytime, but I recommend looking for the "calls" and making specific items just for that.

3. Take clear pictures of you project.

4. List everything you used, and keep track of it for when your project is accepted.

5. The time frame for submitting your artwork is short, around a week or week and a half. As soon as I am given the information I spend the rest of the time making numerous things. It is very time consuming.
For the CTMH Contest-
I send in 1 item per month/contest. I usually make it specifically for that contest, unless I have something laying around that might work. When I design it I try to think about the "time" it will be judged. For example-will they be judging January's contest February and have Valentine's on their mind. Or November's contest in December-so I would send a Christmas item. See what I am getting at?
I also try to use products in unique ways.
I also think they see lots of cards and scrapbook pages-I try to make some that will stick out in their minds.
I don't have a clue if any of this really works or I am just lucky!
Lots of what you see here on the blog is rejected projects-So keep trying maybe you will have luck like me!
Now for the card-Just so you know this card was for the stamping Royalty contest-aka-reject.
Supplies-All CTMH-Colonial White CS, Boom-di-ada pattern paper, paper flower, buttercup spiral, hollyhock rick-rack, Liquid glass, Olive ink, Hollyhock ink, buttercup ink, Be happy Stamp set

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Baby Card

I have been hard at work on some things for submission, and I don't have anything new to show you. I am having to dig deep in the files for things that you haven't seen. I am trying to get all my projects done and pictures sent in before I leave for Convention. Speaking of Convention, I can hardly stand it, I am just too excited. I have lots of project I want to get done and show you, but it may have to wait.
In the meantime, here is a card I made for a New baby a while back.
All Supplies CTMH-Life's Delight Pattern paper, Chipboard letters, rhinestone flowers, Chocolate CS, Blush CS, Blush Ink, Chocolate Ink, craft knife, prisma glitter-Size 5.5x5.5
I used the craft knife to cut around the butterfly's wings and then popped out the wings for a 3-D effect.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A lost card

I found this one in my file, I don't think I ever shared it. ( I think there was one similar for the troops, but not this one)
Speaking of troops, I heard today that Cody has made it home-he has a 17 day leave. We have plans to have lunch while he is here. So I will find out some more info on the what they need as far as cards.
If anyone would like to help with cards for the troops my next package to Cody will go out around the end of August. You can contact me for details at
Supplies-from CTMH-Good Times paper packet, Sweetleaf ink,Olive ink, colored pencils, foam squares, colonial white ribbon slide, Fun times stamp set
Other-green ribbon from Michaels

Monday, July 21, 2008

A happy accident...

This cards is one of those that happened by mistake. I was running some CS through the cuttlebug, didn't pay close enough attention and ended up with 1/2 sheet embossed. Of course I' m not one to waste a good sheet to Twilight CS so I went with it.
Supplies-from CTMH-Twilight CS, Bamboo CS, Desert Sand CS, Colonial White CS, Desert Sand Ink, Copper bitty brads, sanding kit, stipple brush, hemp, Yeehaw stamp set, From Me to You stamp set.
Other-Cuttlebug embossing folder, brown gingham ribbon.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sketch and a Sneak Peek

With a house guest this weekend, I was left with very little time for stamping. I did manage to sneak in about 45 mins of crafting while everyone was taking a nap.
This is last week's CPS sketch and a sneak peek of the Stamp of the month for September.
Supplies-All CTMH-Colonial white CS, Chocolate Ink, Pattern Paper from Life's Delight, Chocolate Brads, Sweetleaf Ink, Treasure Life Stamp set
Now I have to spend the rest of the day cleaning, so the the house keeper can come in the morning. (cause if she saw the mess in the house right now she wouldn't come back)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Goodies and a Gift set

One of the great things about being published, is that on some occations you gets some free stuff! I got this package a few days ago from Papercrafts Magazine. All these goodies came with my card and some extra copies of the current issue. It doesn't happen every time, but it's super cool when it does.
I can't think of anything better than getting paid to make a card, seeing it in a magazine and getting free loot!

We have a very busy weekend starting today, a house guest, a birthday party and a wedding reception. This is a great gift set for a birthday.

Supplies-from CTMH-Pattern paper from Enchanted, Bamboo CS, Colonial white CS, Pansy purple ink, bamboo brads, bamboo ribbon slide, edge distresser, Celebration bouquet stamp set.
Other-Clear paint can, bamboo ribbon.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

My thoughts....

As some of you may or may not know, I discovered late last week that someone was using my exact projects for personal gain. It's very hard to know how to feel, or what to say.

I love to create items and even more, I love to share them. Knowing that some one gets inspiration from me or can use one of my templates to make a fabulous project makes me very happy. :) Imitation is the best form of flattery.

On the other hand, knowing that someone has made an exact copy of my item and sold it, makes me very sad. With that being said you can understand why I have been a little guarded with the template for the watermelon project this week. After much thought, I decided that I made that to share and I want anyone who wants it to use it as they wish.

Someone with a little more computer knowledge than me will be by shortly to fix the template on the original post(I hope!)

With that being said,things will continue on as before.....

I wish this card had photographed a little better, there is glitter on the butterfly.

Supplies CTMH-Vineyard berry CS, Dutchblue TCS, Sweetleaf TCS, Vineyard berry ink, May word puzzle stamp set, Say it with Style stamp set, sanding kit, stylus, dutch blue rhinestones, prisma glitter.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Love card

This is the card I made to go along with the paint can.

Supplies-All CTMH-Colonial White CS, paper flowers, Bamboo CS, Black INk, Black bitty brad, scallop scissors, Silhouette Pattern paper, Playful flourishes stamp set.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Newly Wed Survival Kit

Some friends got married on the 3rd of July, and they are having a little party this weekend. This is a Newly Wed Survival Kit.
Supplies-From CTMH-Black CS, Bamboo CS, Colonial White CS, paper flowers, clear buttons, brads, bitty brads, Black My Accents, ribbons, Black Ink, Bamboo Ink, Giggle caps stamp set, Rustic Letters stamp set, Silhouette patten Paper
Other-paint can, opener, ribbon

Monday, July 14, 2008

Watermelon Cards and Fold up keeper

OK, lets try this again. One of the things I worked on this weekend was this watermelon set.

When the card holder is folded together it fits right inside the jacket, snug enough that you can carry it by the handle.

Supplies CTMH-Blush CS, Chocolate CS, Sweetleaf TCS, Colonial White CS, Hollyhock rickrack, chocolate ink, Blush ink, Sweetleaf ink, prisma glitter, liquid glass, chocolate ribbon, Summer sweetness stamp set, colored pencils

Other-extra large eyelets
You will find the template below-or you can email me if you would like a copy


Trying to get this in so that it is clickable.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

baby gift and a golf bag?

I have been having a really great weekend, I had nothing to do!! I have worked on so many things since Friday night, if I told you, you would never believe me.

One thing I did work on was this baby gift. I found this cute little onesie and bib in the dollar section at Target. Can you believe it, one dollar?? I just knew they would go great with the lion stamp from Life is a Jungle.

I know I promised no more lions, but this one just had to be shown.

Supplies-from CTMH-Goldrush CS, Goldrush ink, black ink, sunflower marker, Autumn terracotta marker, black marker, red chalk, Autumn terracotta ribbon, Autumn terracotta brads, pattern paper from Enchanted, chipboard scalloped circles

Other-tin from Papertrey Ink

Lastly, I wanted you to see my golf bag planter. I have this thing for planting flowers in unusual things. I also have a set of pots and pans planted, a fertilize spreader and an old coke crate. I tried to convince Charlie to buy an old oven in a garage sale one time so I could plant in that, but he said "I am not having an old stove in the back yard". I told him it would look really good with all the frying pans, but he didn't go for it.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sketch and the card

Here is this week's card sketch from CPS. I thought it would be hard, but I really like it, especially the colors. Give it a try, and post a link so I can see yours.

Supplies-All CTMH-Outdoor denim TCS, Cocoa CS, Olive CS, Colonial White CS, Cocoa Ink, Outdoor denim ink, Olive Ink, Cocoa ribbon, love charm, hemp, scallop scissors, Celebration Bouquet stamp set. Size- 3.25 x 6

Friends card

This is a simple 4x4 card using 2 step stamping.
Supplies-from CTMH-Bamboo CS, Cranberry CS, Topiary CS, Colonial White CS, Bamboo Ink, Cranberry INk, Topiary ink, Cranberry waxy flax, March Word puzzle stamp set
from Papertrey Ink-Green thumb stamp set

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

"Believe in Yourself"

Here it is, my card in the current issue of Papercrafts. This is the picture that I sent in, and they did ask me to make some changes (the ribbon and the brads to a lighter color). I can't seem to find a picture of the changed card, but you can see it in the magazine. I was a little sad that they wanted me to change it, but now that I see it in the picture I totally agree that the change was needed.
My next card will be in the November issue, the Joy of cardmaking feature.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Disney Tickets and a Card

Last week I ordered the Disney tickets for our group at convention, and they came today!! I thought I would get paper tickets, but we got Disney Credit Cards!!! How cool is that?? Some have multi-days and others single and 1/2 days, but this will get us into the parks for the week!! Yeah!!

I was at World Market, and saw some dish towels with color combo, and it really appealed to me.
Supplies-All CTMH-Colonial White CS, GoldRush CS, Cranberry CS, Cranberry Ink, Goldrush ink, Outdoor denim Ink, bitty brads, Friendship blessing stamp set, Say it with style Stamp Set

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July

My blog friend Sparkle is getting married today. I sent this to her last week as a wedding gift. Since I don't know a whole lot about her, I sent her 4 of my favorite, most used recipe's.
Supplies-All CTMH-White Daisy CS, Cranberry CS, Cranberry Ink, Indian Corn Blue Ink, Chipboard bookplate, Indian Corn Blue Sassy strands, Cranberry ribbon, Friendship Word puzzle stamp set, For every occasion stamp set, stylus
other-sponge, key ring, large eyelets from Stampin Up, measuring spoons

Thursday, July 3, 2008

CPS card sketch

Here is this week's card sketch for CPS. If you made a card, post a link so I can see!!

Supplies-All CTMH-Serendipity paper, blue die cute flowers, outdoor denim ink, outdoor denim buttons, edge distresser, June word puzzle stamp

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Western Cards

This paper and these stamps from CTMH are just awesome! Most of you wouldn't know it, but I use to be a "cowgirl" right down to the Rockie jeans!! I still love everything associated with "western" culture-ranch life, horses, cows, and the thought of living in the middle of no where.
But you will never catch me in a pair of Rockies again!!!! For those of you in my area, this is an upcoming class-please check my schedule at for dates and times.
And just FYI-the size of these cards is 3 1/8 x 6 (and they fit perfect in these coin envelopes)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Waterbrush tutorial

Here are the supplies that you will need-waterbursh, ink pads, and a stamped image that you can paint on. I like to use CTMH textured cardstock for waterbrushing, but any kind will work. Textured just gives the feel and look of watercolor paper.
You may want to use the heat gun to dry the ink of the stamped image well. This is not necessary, but it help with bleeding when using black ink. Also try a grey ink or Staz-ON ink.
1st-Fill your waterbrush with water, and squeeze just a little to get the bristles wet.
Here is how I use the ink-with the lid closed, squeeze a few times.

This should get some ink on the inside of the lid. If it doesn't, you may need to add some re-inker to you pad.

With a wet water brush, pick up some ink on the bristles

Depending on the look you want, you may want to squeeze out a drop of water for a softer look. Just remember, more water=lighter/softer color along with the possibility of flowing out of the lines. My tip-practice on a scratch paper 1st. I tend to like the bristle a little dryer, for more control. But there are instance where a really wet brush and outside of the lines looks stunning.

Start slow and in the larger areas. Once you have it colored let it dry completely before adding anything like glitter or chalk or even gluing it on to your project. Wet paper can get a hole or tear really easy.

I clean my brush after each color, and I clean it on the double scrubber. By lightly rubbing it on the cleaning side while squeezing out a little water.

OK-here it is. Now go use your waterbrush, and post a link so I can see how you did.
Supplies-Close to My Heart-Boom-di-ada papers, buttercup CS, Hollyhock CS,Olive CS, colonial white CS, Black Ink, Chocolate Ink, Hollyhock INk, scallop scissors, buttons, Uptown girl stamp set, For every occasion stamp set, waterbursh