Tuesday, December 22, 2015

I am a Planner Nerd!

This week I am going to show all the ins and outs of my new CTMH planner. I really did do a little dance when I found out we would be getting this in the newest catalog. For those of you who are hooked as of this minute Go here to get yours at a discounted price. December ONLY
Today we are going to start with the cover. Even though the cover looks like it's just cardboard, it's actually a faux leather type material. Or at least to me it is. It's not thick but it does have a leather feel to it.  I did turn mine over and run my fingernail down it to see if it would scratch. It' bounced right back, so no scratch. That said if you do it hard enough it will probably tear.
Here you can see up close the gold embossing. Really it's more of a de-boss as the flowers are pressed into the cover. Below is a band I made for my planner. Most days my planner sits by my computer open, but about once a week I have a planning meeting so I do toss it in my bag. Sometimes I will stick papers or flyers inside that need to be addressed so the band helps keep it all together. If you are going to be on the move with your planner you may want to skip the decorative part of this so it doesn't get beat up. But hey, that's the fun of it- you can make a new one!
 Here's How I made the band-
1. I used a headband. I have had these for awhile, so I don't know where they came from but any headband you find will work. I started out using the pink one, but the color was a little different from the paper I chose for my decor so I switch to the black.
2. I used two pieces of cardstock cut to the same size (I used a cricut shape) and then I decorated one of them. I am still loving the deer/gold trend so that's what I went with.

3. I sandwiched the two cricut pieces together with the headband in the middle.  I only added adhesive to the sides(liquid glass) and then I used some clamps to hold them together unitl it dried. My piece slides up and down the headband.
 I would love for you to order your 2016 planner from me! Right now the price is $29.95 for the binder, pages, stickers, bookmark and a roller stamp! Be sure to use the December Mystery Hostess Link so that you can be entered to win ALL the hostess rewards for December! What a great gift you ME that would be.

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Jeannie said...

What a clever idea with the headband and love that cute deer.