Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Book Review: Faith Bass Darling's Last Garage Sale

On the last day of the millennium, sassy Faith Bass Darling, the richest old lady in Bass, Texas, decides to have a garage sale. With help from a couple of neighborhood boys, Faith lugs her priceless Louis XV elephant clock, countless Tiffany lamps, and everything else from her nineteenth-century mansion out onto her long, sloping lawn.
Why is a recluse of twenty years suddenly selling off her dearest possessions? Becasue God told her to.
As the townspeople grab up five generations of heirlooms, everyone drawn to the sale--including Faith's long-lost daughter--finds that the antiques not only hold family secrets but also inspire some of life's most imponderable questions: Do our possessions possess us? What are we without our memories? Is there life after death or second chances here on earth? And is Faith really selling that Tiffany lamp for $1?

This book is one that I spotted in Southern Living Magazine's book recommendation. To me this book was a kind of mystery, although the only person who didn't know what happened was me-the reader. Faith has lost all her family, some by death others because they couldn't deal with the small town life and ran away.  As the story unfolds we find that something is wrong with Faith, mentally- (Alzheimer) She has decided to sale everything in her house (because God told her to) and the town is raking in the deals on her very valuable antiques. One concerned citizens calls her estranged daughter and she comes home. She has been gone along time and is remembering all the thing about the town that she had tried to forget, including how her brother and father have died.
At the beginning of the chapters it tells the story of the antique item and how it came to live in the Bass house- I really like those parts. Faith made me sad, it is so hard to understand an Alzheimer's patient and why they do the things they do. In the end everything works out for the best. 
I wish I could have gotten a Tiffany lamp for $1.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Instagram Butterflies

Last weekend I had a chance to visit our local Science Museum and see the special exhibit of butterflies. I took my big SLR camera and got some great pictures, but I also snapped some with my iphone. I had an idea in mind, one that I saw here on Michele Wooderson's blog. When I got home I edited all the butterfly pictures from my phone with Instagram and then I downloaded them to my computer. Once they were on my computer I opened a new file in photoshop (4x6) and loaded my 6 favorite on the blank file. I then printed from home!!   

When I printed them I printed one extra, so I am going to give it away-
Leave a comment on this post and I will pick a random winner and mail you a set of the
 instagram butterflies
Leave a comment by midnight April 30 and I will name a winner on May 1st

Friday, April 26, 2013

She colored the world in flowers

 This She girl was modeled after a friend who is a landscaper-
Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

She love the everyday

I found this canvas album a while back at Hobby Lobby and came across it in my stash. I decided to create a she girl on the cover. Painting on it was easy, not as easy for rub-ons.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hello little flower

When I saw the Hello Bloom Stamp set I knew it was one I had to have! I loved the artwork in the CTMH catalog that was featured with the stamp. This card is really simple, made in just a few minutes. After I created the base and assembled the card I stamped the flowers and sentiment. I finished it off with a fabric brad from the Chantilly collection and a small flourish of rhinestone sparkles.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

it's PARTY time

This card was inspired by and copied from this card by Tresa Black. I loved everything about the card and it has been on my TO DO list (some day I will show you just how long that is) for a while. Tresa used Burlap ribbon for her card, but I chose to cut a piece of fabric from the Chantilly textiles for my card. I also used the wonderful stamp set Perfect fit-Birthday The bright colors make me happy and I love the way this card turned out!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Clear Sunny Skies

I have one last card to show you using the Chantilly Workshop on the Go stamp set. Now that I think about it the sun and the sentiment- clear sunny skies- doesn't really go with the clouds!!  No matter, it still makes a cute card. For the sun rays I just cut random sized slips of paper with my scissors, glued the to the back of the circle punch and then attached the sun to the card with foam tape. For the clouds I used a little glitter glue to highlight.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Think happy thoughs

My happy thought is---yeah FRIDAY!! Wow it has been a long week!!  This card is a simple pattern from the Originals Card pattern book. I used the Happy Thoughts stamp set and that GREAT wooden swirl die cut-

Have a HAPPY weekend!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Miss you Like Crazy

This card is one of the simple patterns from the Originals book. Here's how I made it- first I sanded the card base and pattern paper. I then stamped that wonderful flower from the Happy Thoughts stamp set and the sentiment from the 4 my friend stamp set. I then finished it off with a fabric bow and some green gems.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bugs & Hugs

This cut little bag of bug chocolates were some of my Easter treats. I found the Chocolates at World Market and as soon as I saw them I though-"oh, we have a new bug stamp". And so we do- this sentiment comes from the Bugs and Hugs set.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Book Review:The Chief

An elite fighting force unlike the world has ever seen...

Scouring the darkest corners of the Highlands and Western Isles, Robert the Bruce handpicks ten warriors to help him in his quest to free Scotland from English rule. They are the best of the best, chosen for their superior skills in each discipline of warfare. And to lead his secret Highland Guard, Bruce chooses the greatest warrior of all.

The ultimate Highland warlord and a swordsman without equal, Tor MacLeod has no intention of being drawn into Scotland’s war against the English. Dedicated to his clan, the fiercely independent chief answers to no one—especially not to his alluring new bride, bartered to him in a bid to secure his command of the deadliest fighting force the world has ever seen. The treacherous chit who made her way to Tor’s bed may have won his hand, but she will never claim his heart.

Although her husband’s reputation is as fierce as his manner, Christina Fraser believes that something softer hides beneath his brutal shell. But the only warmth she feels is in their bed, in glorious moments of white-hot desire that disappear with the dawn. When Christina’s reckless bid to win her husband’s love goes awry and thrusts them into danger on the eve of war, Tor will face his ultimate battle: to save his wife and to open his heart—before it’s too late

I have to say that I am a sucker for a "boy marries girl, girl runs away, boy decides he can't live with out her" book. Christina is so young and she really has no idea what being married is all about. She didn't have much time to figure it out either- her father forces her into a scheme to get Tor, the Chief to marry her.  One day after being married she is thrust into the roll of Lady of the Castle. She is doing a dang fine job of it, but having a hard time getting her cranky husband to notice. 
Her husband has a lot on his mind and can't find the time to notice his new bride, unless of course she does something he doesn't like. All things come to a head when Christina is trying to help him, but is tricked by a trusted friend. She puts herself and Tor's secret fighting force in great danger. Of course she tries to run away and then is captured by Tor's enemy's -- making him realize he must have her back!

Great story and an easy read.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Sweet Tweet

 Close to my Heart gave us so many new products in the spring catalog- of course there is stamps and embellishments galore, but we got some great new containers. To start with we have these 3d pillow boxes. They come in a pack of 3 and they are a good size. I filled it with a whole box (the movie size) of bottle caps. The think about it is that it not even full!!! These boxes will be great for small gifts and even larger treats. I decorated this one very simply. I tied a piece of Chantilly fabric around it and added a birdy from the stamp of the month on a piece of chipboard.
Each month you can enjoy a new D-size stamp set, available for one month only, for just $5—that’s over 70% off retail! When you place an order of $50 or more in Close To My Heart products, you qualify for this special Stamp of the Month pricing.

Friday, April 12, 2013

You're tweet

 Happy Friday to you all!!
This card was cut on the Artiste Cricut Cartridge-- and sow was that sweet little birdy!! This card came together in no time at all. I cut out the card and the bird (and then switched over to the Art Philosophy cartridge to cut the branch.) I then added some pattern paper, rose trim and pink gems. Lastly I stamped my sentiment and attached the bird.
Each month you can enjoy a new D-size stamp set, available for one month only, for just $5—that’s over 70% off retail! When you place an order of $50 or more in Close To My Heart products, you qualify for this special Stamp of the Month pricing.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Up, up and Away

 The April Stamp of the Month has this great hot air balloon, and the very best part about it is that it cuts out on the cricut Artiste cartridge!! And guess what else cuts? You got it- those clouds!!  To finish off this card I used some of the new wooden buttons and green gems.
Each month you can enjoy a new D-size stamp set, available for one month only, for just $5—that’s over 70% off retail! When you place an order of $50 or more in Close To My Heart products, you qualify for this special Stamp of the Month pricing.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A butterfly goes where it pleases

How fun is this sentiment- "A butterfly goes wherever it pleases and it pleases wherever it goes."  It comes form the great stamp set Bugs and Hugs. At first I though I would cut out the butterfly and pop it up on foam tape, but that proved to be a bit of a challenge because the image is more of a sketch instead of a solid piece. My solution was to stamp it and then use the craft knife to cut out just the edge of the wings. I still got the 3d effect, but with a lot less fussy cutting.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Canvas Art Cupcakes

 I have a wonderful project for you today- well 3 projects really!  I have had these cupcakes on my "TO DO" list for a while!! I was going to make a video, but I was afraid it would be too long. So I am going to give you some picture directions.

The 1st thing I did was paint all 3 of the 6x6 CTMH canvas with Gesso.
 Next I used my scrap pieces of Chantilly paper to cover most of the canvas. Then I used Modpodge to glue them down (a coat on the top and on the bottom). I use my heat gun to dry anything wet in between steps to speed it up.
Next I used assorted colors of Acrylic paint to soften the color. I use mostly white so that the pattern paper shows through.

 Next I used a combo of paint and ink( don't use a water base ink, it will come off with modpodge or paint) with stamps to add some texture to the canvas.
Don't for get the sides of the canvas as well.  The next thing I did was cut out my cupcake, no pattern, I just free handed it-- that's the fun part, I just go with what comes out.  I use modpodge to glue down all the pieces.
For one of the cupcakes I chose to use modeling paste to give it the look of real icing. I just used my finger to spread it. It's fun to get messy and my finger is the best tool I have!!
 I then used markers to outline and shade.

 The final thing I did was cover the whole thing with a coat of modpodge and then I hot glued on any embellishments. Now aren't those fun!!!  Take a look at this video-- look what The CTMH corporate staff did!!
oops I loaded the wrong video- this is the one I wanted to share.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter Chicks

Easter was so early this year, in fact I barely found the time to make cards and treats. This is one of my very few Easter cards. The picture sure brings out the fact that my creme brulee marker is getting dry. They really didn't look that bad in person. I used the Easter Wishes stamp set and even though Easter is over now is the time to get this stamp. If you start now you will be ahead of the game for next Easter

Friday, April 5, 2013

Create Journal

I signed a new team member this week and I made this for her!! I love to shower my new team members with gifts when they sign up to make them feel welcome. I used a sketch book I found at the dollar store (a long time ago) for the base of the book, see below.  For the butterfly I added some thick gold embossing powder on the edges. I was inspired by a journal I saw here
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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Live a happy Life

The stamp set in the Chantilly workshop on the go has these assorted pattern pie pieces. For this card I choose to make them into a flower. I used the dotted pattern and then I flipped it over to make a solid image. I finished the center off with a Chantilly fabric button- they are so cute!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It's all about the Pink

Wow-look at all that Pink!! I used the 2 pink pattern papers from the Chantilly pack along with some paper butterflies that I inked in cotton candy as well. I finished the card off with some clear and pink bling.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Everyday is a Play Day

The Chantilly Scrapbook Workshop on the go has some really cute stamps on it. I like the saying "everyday is a play day" it's such a good motto for life. Hey did you know CTMH has yellow ribbon?  That's cause they don't- that happens to be strips of Chantilly fabric!!!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Sun shine on a cloudy day!

April 1st- I tried to think of some kind of prank to pull here on my blog, but nothing came to mind- so Happy April Fools day!! April 1st does mean one thing- it's time for a new stamp of the month!!
Each month you can enjoy a new D-size stamp set, available for one month only, for just $5—that’s over 70% off retail! When you place an order of $50 or more in Close To My Heart products, you qualify for this special Stamp of the Month pricing.