Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The never ending battle...

I think with most crafters the organization battle is never ending. For me it's part of the fun! I like everything in it's place, I use a planner (the kind you write in, not my phone) and I sketch things out before I start.

Project life is no different.... and it seems that I am always trying a new organization plan.
The problem may really be in my shopping.
I will admit it, I LOVE to buy project life stuff.
The above pictrue is just what I plan to use this year (yeah, this year) I also have an Olive Core Kit that I want to use for the vintage family photos.
So back to the organization.... I needed a way to use all 5, yep that's right 5, kits this year. I had seen other CTMH consultants use the Medium organizer for their PL stuff, so I jumped on the train.
It really is perfect!
 But I have said that fact you can see my other organization solution here.
I spent a cold snowy afternoon combining all my kits...

I also will be using this Washi tape orginizer from Costco on my PL in 2014.
Now it's time to tell you all about the NEW CTMH Picture My Life collection. I am so excited and over the moon for this I hope I don't explode form excitement! Look for these products in 2014 as well as more of my project life!


Shan said...

How many kits fit in the medium organizing tote? I love this organization. I desperately need a new organization system for PL because I too have an addiction to the kits! :) Thanks for sharing!

AaronB said...

I got all 5 in there (what you see) plus the 2 themed packs (dog/winter) and a few other non-PL packs. Plus I have room to grow!

Unknown said...

My three top likes of paper crafting: 1. shopping for goodies, 2. organizing the goodies, 3. making pretty things with the goodies. It is a never ending wonderful cycle.