Friday, December 6, 2013

The Aprons

My Nikon camera bit the dust. It was a sad, sad day I loved that camera. I knew for a while something wasn't right with it and so I sent it off. Nikon was kind enough to return it telling me it could not be fixed. After some thought and the chance to borrow a camera from a friend I decided to buy a new camera- This time I went with a Canon- 5DIII. She is a sweet little girl who takes wonderful pictures. The thing about it is, Fancy (that's her name, don't you name your camera?) cost A LOT of money.  So I need use my skills to earn some $$ to justify the cost. After some thought I decided on the Soul of the Girl Aprons.
Here are a few. I am going to list these on my Etsy store for just a little while. I plan to do a craft show, so if they don't sell in about 2 weeks I am going to take them off Etsy and save them for the show.
I am also working a few other items like journals and shelf displays with the Soul of the Girl on them. 
The very last one is not a girl, but a tree that was a special request.

You can go here to see these and a few more I have ready.


Karen Day said...

Aaron, these are AMAZING!! I love your artwork :o) Hope these sell well for you, and enjoy that new camera!

Sharli Schaitberger said...

OMGSH Aaron, these are fab!!! How much? Will you make a sassy Blonde for my DD?

Amy Moore said...

Oh goodness! These are darling! You are so talented! Ditto what Sharli said...making any blondes in the future??