Thursday, May 17, 2012

Book Review: Fifty Shades of Grey

Well, I couldn't be left out....If the whole world is reading it, I must too! So I did. All that you have heard about it is true, it is full of S.E.X.. I got a very big education in things I was unaware about.
I have the most problem with the writing, or the lack of it. There is just not much story here, and I wonder how in the world they will make a movie of it?
The story is of Christian Grey, and his very screwed up life. He has some real issues from childhood abuse. He meets a girl and from their they have issues together. She doe seem to have an effect on him and he really acts like he wants to change his ways for her.
The entire story (in fact even the same words are said at points) reminds me very much of the movie Pretty Woman. The ending is kinda a cliff hanger, so I am sure at some point I will read the next book, but I not i a very big hurry, since the writing was pretty lame.


Wendy Taylor said...

Oh dear..... I am feeling the same as you - I don't want to be left out and wanting to read it but have a feeling I feel like you do after I read it. Why can't writers have a good story that includes some good S.E.X?! LOL (I'm single and want to stay that way so gimme a good book - LOL).
ah well...
;-) take care - thanks for review but thanks for more for the amazing artwork - now THAT's what really gets me going ;-)
Wendy in AZ

Anonymous said...

I thought the writing was awful. oh my was used seven hundred times. In this case the movie will be better than the book for sure. They better cast the right couple though. if you like a good book and some light erotica with a real story and a must read is The Reliable Wife. Now that is a turn on book for sure. look it up on Amazon.