Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Book Review: Echo in the Bone

After a whole month I finished the last book in the Outlander Series. I wanted to read all the time, but with work being busy I was only getting to read at night. Most of you already know, but this is my all time most favorite series EVER! This is book 7 and the author is currently working on Book 8 (there are also hints that there might be a book 9 even) This book finds Jamie and Claire headed back to Scotland to get Jamie's printing press, but they get a little side tracked and end up smack dab in the middle of the American Revolution. Bree and Roger are back in their own time, but strugling to fit in as well as some major cliff hangers for them at the end of this book. Sweet Young Ian has found Love and I look forward to see where his story goes in book 8.
After reading all 7 books I really wanted to reread all of them, but it took me almost 5 months read all of them and there are so many other books that I want to read as well. So I have downloaded the audio version of all 7 books and have started to listen to them! Listening to this story sure makes laundry, ironing and doing dishes more fun!! Well maybe not fun, but certainly bearable!! I am almost done with the 1st book and I have been listening in the scrapbook room as well. I HAVE SAID IT BEFORE, BUT I WILL SAY IT AGAIN-I highly recommend these books, some of the best writing you will ever come across.

At night when I go to be I read other books so there will still be other reviews coming.

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