Monday, February 8, 2010

Win These!!!

During the Super Bowl, I made these! 2 sets of paper Flowers-my new favorite embellishment! Check out this post to see how I used them.
one set is vintage book pages and the other is using graph paper-

These 2 sets can be yours-Here's how!

Head over to You Tube and watch my video for the CTMH video contest-

Leave a comment on YouTube. (If you are not already a member, it's simple to sign up for an account and takes only a few seconds)

Once the views hit 1500 I will give these away(by random number drawing)

So watch several times to get the count up, and you could be the winner sooner than you think-

REMEMBER-you must leave your comment over at YouTube-

I am working up an even bigger give away for when the views hit 2000!
hint, hint! ;)


Leana Ott said...

I love these and so want to make some of my own. Thanks for sharing your awsome work.

Anonymous said...
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20123 said...
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Crafty Jenn said...

I made some yesterday! So fun and easy! I like the idea of using graph paper.

Haidee said...

**** I really like this. Thanks for the chance to win these!! :)******** Thanks for the step by step since I am not as clever as you!! Thanks for the chance to win these!!! :)

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.