Monday, September 13, 2010

Family Ties Card and book review

This card is complex-it has so much going on! For starters, the clouds in the background were so fun to create. I used a cloud shape (cut from the Over the rainbow stamp set by Close to my Heart) as a mask and then sponged blue ink to form the most wonderful light and airy clouds! Next the metal frame-I painted it white and then sanded over it to give it a distressed look. After I created the card, I wasn't sure what sentiment I wanted to put on the card, but I decided that the family ties was just perfect with the birds nest and the eggs.
{ Family Ties Card Supplies}
Cardstock: Sky, Colonial White, Bamboo (Close to My Heart)
Pattern Paper: Manufique (Close to My Heart)
Ink: Sky, Bamboo, Colonial White, Pacifica, Chocolate( Close to My Heart)
Stamps: Save the Date-English, Comments, Harmony, Unity (Close to My Heart)
Embellishments: Twill ribbon, Chocolate ribbon, blue sparkles, foam tape, paper flower, pewter frame (Close to My Heart)
This book was WONDERFUL! I am thinking of reading it again just because I loved it so very much. This is a story that spans over many, many years of the lives of several women in one family. The story begins in the 1900's with a little girl left on a dock with no family or any idea what her name is. That little girl grows up and discovers she is not who she had thought and want to know where she came from. She passes away and it is up to her granddaughter to finish the the story of her grandmothers life.
As the story jumps from the 1900's, to 1975 and then to 2005 and back again each time leaving tiny clues as to what has happened.
I would stay up late into the night reading this book, just because I need to know what would happen next.
The book is over 500 pages, but so easy and wonderful to read!


Jeanne said...

What a great card, Aaron. The clouds are wonderful and all those little details you took the time to add really shine. Thanks so much for sharing!

Thanks for the book review, too. I might have to see if my library has it, as it sounds really interesting.

Sheila H said...

Awesome card, particularly the masking technique for the clouds!

Lori Miller said...

This is a beautiful card, Aaron. I'm always inspired by your work -- so I gave you a little blog award to say "thank you." :) Pick it up on my blog when you have a chance.