Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A wonderful world

This is a simple card that I created to send to the troops that I made about 15 of. I really like the edges of the colonial white cardstock in the chocolate ink, I like it so much because of the ink pad. I have a very old one that I have never re-inked, and it gives this soft edge for distressing. I am just wondering how long it will go before it has to be re-inked?
On a side note-if anyone would like to donate cards to the troops I will be glad to send them for you. As stated in the past, I have a good friend whose son is stationed in Iraq. He is taking the cards and setting them out for all of the soldiers in his Army unit. For a fee of course, I send all kinds of goodies with the cards, but the most loved is the snuff and chapstick!!
Email me at kabrown63@hotmail.com if you want to help out!
Right now I need Birthday, Blank, Thank-you and 4th of July.

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