Thursday, May 1, 2008

Flap Card holder directions

Here is what you will need. (plus scissors) That's a plate in the corner, but you could use anything round.

Cardstock is 12x7. Click the picture to enlarge.

Use the plate or something round to trace the side opposite the 2 close together score marks.

Trim away with knife or scissors

Use super sticky tape to attach flap.

Add magnets for a closure.

Here's what you get when you decorate it. Make some matching cards to go inside.

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Mary said...

Your stuff is soooo fabulous!!!! How do you find the time but more importantly, where do you find the talent? Can I touch you sometime? Maybe a tiny bit will transfer. :)

Love the card holder! Great idea for me to make for my classroom parent volunteers! Thanks for posting the "how-to".