Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Watercolor Butterfly

 These pictures came form my facebook page and Instagram. I made these as a quick baby gift and didn't have time to take staged photos of them.
You can see that I just rubbed some watercolor paint into regular white daisy cardstock and then stamped over it. I used staz-on ink to stamp right over over my watercolor once it dried. I did find that when I heated up the watercolor spot with my craft heater before stamping I got a better image (the paint didn't peel up)
This way of paint is fun and stress free- no staying in the lines!

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Sharli Schaitberger said...

OMGSH, Aaron - this is beautiful!!! I love what you've done with the watercolors! I'm going to try this - I've always kept my colors rather pale. Today I'll be bold!