Friday, November 20, 2015

Faux Embroidery Letter Pendant

 I am calling this Faux, because I don't know how to do embroidery. All I did was back stitch, so I don't think it really qualifies?
When I was thinking about different ideas for the Base & Bling line I thought about a necklace my grandmother wore all the time. It was much more detailed than what I made. It was oval and had flowers that were ribbon knots and leaves. It also has very tiny gold thread in it.
Here is a very simple idea for the pendants. I think these little initial pendants would make great bridesmaids gifts or how about a for a teenage girls slumber party?
 Step 1. Stamp a letter on your fabric using a light colored ink (just dark enough to see)
Step 2.  Using Embroidery thread back stitch over your letter and tie off in the back.
Step 3. Cut a piece of scrap cardstock and quilt batting the same size as your pendant. Sandwich the batting between the fabric and the cardstock.
Step 4. Glue (I used fabric glue) the fabric piece by wrapping it around the cardstock and batting. This part is tricky. Getting the letter in the center is a challenge, but I figure it looks homemade if it's off just a bit, right?
Step 5. Glue your puffy letter to the pendant. I used liquid glass on 2 and Hot glue on one. The liquid glass worked fine, it just took a lot because the fabric was soaking up some of it.

Tips: After you wrap around, glue and dry trim off any excess fabric from the back so that it's not too bulky.
Use a popscicle stick to help fit the puffy letter into the pendant, this way you don't tear the fabric.


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