Monday, September 22, 2014

Starz Outlander Lantern Replica

 If you have been reading this blog for long or you know me then you know 2 things- 1. I really love to read and 2. my favorite all time book series is Outlander. When your favorite book becomes a TV series it's a BIG deal! If you haven't read the series I encourage you to pick up a copy, you will love it and be sure to catch the TV series on STARZ!
As I watch the show a few things have caught my eye; for starters it was the opening credits when the druids dance around and then again when they appear in the show. Not only is the music breath taking, I really love their lanterns.

I instantly thought it would be so neat to have some of those myself. A little later a few photos of the actual lanterns pop up and I was sure I could make those. 
Photo Credit STARZ
Photo credit STARZ

I snapped some photos and wrote some directions on how I made mine.
I don't know how STARZ made theirs, I don't even know anyone at STARZ, this is just my idea of how they might have done it.

 Replica Outlander Lanterns
Cheese Cloth- (my package said 2 sq. yds and I used it all on one lantern)
Pam cooking spray
Washi tape or Masking tape
1” PVC scrap about 6” long
2 liter soda bottle
Paper plate
Optional rubber gloves (If you don’t like to get your fingers sticky)
Optional floral sprigs
LED candle

.My Cheese Cloth came folded in a long strip and I left it like that. (it was about 6”x 72”).
1. Mix Decoupadge with water.  About ½ cup of Decoupadge to ¼ cup of water.
2. Soak the Cheese Cloth in the mixture and make sure it is saturated. You may need to add water a little at a time.
3. Use a low tack tape to tape the PVC over the top of the bottle. (be sure to use some thing that will release easily) and then spray with cooking spray.
4. Begin wrapping the soaked cheese cloth around the PVC and down the bottle. When you get to the intersection of the pvc and bottle add an extra wrap for stability. As you go down make some interesting folds and peaks till you reach your desired height (It’s possible you may need to cut off some of the cloth)
5. Stand the bottle/PVC up on a paper plate and let dry. Mine took over 24 hrs to dry.
6. When completely dry remove the lantern carefully. 2 of mine slid right off. One I had to cut the bottle with scissors to get it out. (I left the PVC in mine for stability)
7. Embellish with greenery and floral sprigs. (I used wired greenery and made a small wreath to go around the bottom.)
8. Add an LED light. (Do not use a flame)

 In case you were wondering, not only can I go outside and dance around with my fun lantern but I will also be using them in my Halloween Decor!


Theresa - Outlander Kitchen said...

Thank you so much, Aaron! I'm not the only Outlander who wants to make a few of these!

Katy said...

SOOOOOO AWESOME!!! I don't watch the show (been meaning to see if it's on Netflix but keep forgetting - not gonna lie, will probably forget by the time I finish typing this comment)...the tray is superb!!!

Haley D. said...

Your lantern is so cool! I love both versions. Also, I have to give you a huge shout out for introducing me to Outlander back on your blog several years ago. You are the reason that I picked up the first book, and I have been hooked ever since. They are now my all-time faves. I am loving the show too. So, thanks so much! :)

Unknown said...

Can you give suggestions on the type of LED light you used? Maybe post a link if you bought it online? The little flicker tealights won't give off enough light, I'm sure, and it looks like almost a regular sized light bulb you used.

Unknown said...

Sorry if this is a duplicate comment, I'm new to this. Thank you very much for posting this! I looked everywhere for these lanterns, and I'm so excited that you went ahead and just made them. What kind of light did you use? Can you post a link to where I can buy it online? I just don't think those little flicker tealights will give off enough light.

AaronB said...

Hey Andrea,
I picked up the light at Hobby Lobby. It looks like a real candle that has been melted a bit. It was about $3.99. They had all sizes and they were near the real candles.