Thursday, August 14, 2014

Halloween Heads Card

I was inspired by one of my own cards for this project. Take a look at this card.  I really liked the lined up pumpkins so when I saw this stamp-
Tick or Treat Sweets- in the catalog I thought it would be fun to recreate the card. All it really takes is masking.
Stamp your image on scrap paper or the Post-It. Cut out the image.
Stamp the image again onto your regular paper. Place the paper mask on top, covering the image completely to protect it as you stamp the second time.
Stamp again, positioning the image partially onto the mask. This second image will appear to be behind the first. Repeat, if you want additional images.

Do you see those tiny staples on the sides of the cards? Yep my new favorite tool from CTMH is the Mini Stapler!


Katy said...

LOVE the Washi and the staples...LOVE that little stapler!!!

Kim Ryden said...

This stamp set is pretty freaking adorable! Cute card!