Monday, March 24, 2014

Project Life 20: Week 10 and 11

 Lately I have been paying attention to how I go about planning/starting my pages. Of course I start with the photos and a sketch, but from there I discovered that I go by color. That prompted me to change the way I store my embellishments. Before I had thing sorted by type and located in different locations. I picked up a organizer from Home Depot (for screws and such) and put everything (or almost everything) in this by color. You can see 3 of the drawers above.

 Week 11 was the 1st 2 page spread that I had done in a long time. I have been watching some videos on project life over at Two Peas and I really like how the filler cards are used. I challenged myself this week to use more cards.

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BethJ said...

I'm loving your project life album! I have to challenge myself as well, otherwise, I just end up with photos filling all my sleeves!