Tuesday, February 25, 2014

You Mak me a happy Camper

More of my favorite stamp! That bottom ruffle is washi tape and I have a little tip for making your own washi tape ruffle. Attach the washi tape to a piece of copy paper and then pleat. The copy paper is light weight and doesn't add bulk to the washi tape making it easy to ruffle.

I thought I would give a Lucy trailer update- In the last few weeks we have moved her to her permanent home. We removed an old deck from our backyard installed a concrete pad and a putting green. I am also going to have lots of potted flowers and an herb garden out there. I will update with better pictures in the spring when we plant! (excuse the grainy cellphone pic)

1 comment:

Amy Moore said...

Your card is darling and Lucy is so cool! I love the putting green and can just imagine all the potted plants and herbs. Will you leave it in the yard or travel in it?