Monday, October 21, 2013

Book Review: The Last Bride in Ballymuir

"Steeped in the age-old beauty and traditions of Ireland, Dorien Kelly's enchanting contemporary novel transports readers to a picturesque Irish village where passions run deep...."Miss Kylie "Soon-to-Be-a-Saint" O'Shea teaches at the Gaelic school, helps her neighbors and volunteers for every good cause. No one in Ballymuir can figure out why she keeps the interested lads at bay but they all warn her that she's in danger of fulfilling a local legend: becoming the last bride in Ballymuir. When a stranger named Michael Kilbride comes to the village wild rumors surround his every move. But Kylie, captivated by Michael's intense passions, lets herself go where Michael leads her -- into an awakening of dreams and desires...even if it means exposing her beloved village's and her own darkest secrets

This was a quick and easy read! I enjoyed it! This was a free download from Kindle, so that makes it even better!  The characters have depth and are written well. Michael Kilbride, recently released from prison for serving a crime of association with terrorists. Kylie O‘Shea is a school teacher prim and proper with lots of secrets. Their unexpected meeting in a stone strewn field that he helps her clear, starts an unlikely pairing between the two. Kylie likes to stay in the shadows and keep out of everyone's eye. But now that she has caught the eye of Michael Kilbride all bets are off. Things get complicated when family issues arise, Kylie's father is a piece of work. Besides Michael's sister, his family is trouble as well. Outside forces threaten Michael's freedom and Kylie’s livelihood. It had an interesting storyline and the setting drew me in. I liked how it was set in Ireland.

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