Thursday, June 21, 2012

Book Review: The Great Gatsby

I know that I read this in High School, but of course I was forced to read it then and didn't really remember much about it. I had heard that a new movie was in the making and I like to read the books before they are movies, so I read this one again. Even though this story is about Jay Gatsby, to me it is more the story of Nick. Nick is telling the story and I feel that we know him much better than the great Gatsby. Without giving too much away Nick lives next door to Gatsby who has huge parties and live a very expensive life style. Gatsby has his eye on a certain girl from his past, but she seems to have moved on and forgotten him. Gatsby's whole goal is to show her that he is rich and worthy of her coming back to him.
The book at times was, for a lack of a better explanation,  vague. Sometimes the characters would say or do strange things for no reason. The story jumped around alot and at some points would just end.
 I am very glad that I read it again, because it's a wonderful story. Below is the movie trailer that looks really good to me and I just love the music.

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