Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Yummy Bread & a Book Review: Lord John & the Private Matter

In my quest to know all things related to the Outlander Series, I have found a wonderful food blog. Outlander Kitchen:Historical Food inspired by the fictional world of Diana Gabaldon.
This recipe is Honey-Buttermilk Oatbread. The taste and texture of this bread is out of this world. Simple ingredients and quick prep work, favorites in my book.
The raspberry butter is from The Pioneer Woman

Lord John and the Private Matter-If you have read any of the Outlander Series, then you surely remember Lord John Grey, well his Lordship has his very own series now. Throughout the Outlander Series we get glimpse of Lord John, but I was always left wanting more. Lord John is very entertaining and leads a very eventful life.
In this book he is sent out to investigate a murder of a fellow soldier, who is tangle in a very strange web. While investigating he discovers the murder of what we would call a drag queen in today's world, and I will say that I laughed out loud when it is discovered the "she has whiskers"!! Lord John has such a dry scene of humor and quick wit that I just think he is grand.
Here is a link to find out all about the book.


Outlander Kitchen said...

Lord John is a close personal friend of mine, and he's awesome! He just said he'd love a slice of this bread...and so would I! Thick with that amazing sounding raspberry butter...nom, nom, nom! Theresa

Haley D. said...

All of these sound delicious (and yes, I mean the book too)! I am almost finished with Outlander- and started reading it based on your recommendation. Thank you so much! I am hooked and will now have to plow through everything she's written.