Sunday, December 16, 2007

DVD tin Directions (by request)

Here is what you need-(if you click on the picture it will become bigger and you can see the #s) Corner round the 2 5x7 pieces, and the 4.75x6.75 pattern paper.

Attach the pattern paper to the 5x7 CS and decorate. Then attach it to the DVD tin
Make the pocket for the inside of the tin by using the 6x4.5 pattern paper. On the back side of the CS, apply glue around the bottom half of the CS. Miter the corners as shown. "wrap" all three sides with the pattern paper. Then corner round the bottom 2 corners. Then attach to the left inside of tin.

Cover the top strip of the Jr. Legal pad with the 5x2.24 pattern paper (remember that the note pads have to be cut down to fit. (1" off the bottom) I had the office supply store cut them for me.

Embellish and make a matching pen (the tin will close best if the pen is laid on the left side of the note pad)


Anonymous said...

Looks so easy, even I could do it. Great directions.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these! This is my new favorite thing to make. I made one for both of my daughter's teachers and they loved them. Instead of a small legal pad, I used a mini one, a pen, an altered binder clip and a bookmark made out of a jumbo paper clip. Cute stuff!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, these are beautiful! Where do you get the DVD Tins? I would love to do one of these!

Anonymous said...

Great directions and great post. Love that cover.