Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Brown, Green & Orange

It is always hard for me to make a card that is "Manly". I love flowers, and they just don't work on a man's card. Here's a little birthday card using manly colors, and ribbon.

Is ribbon "Manly"?


Anonymous said...

i just happen to work at a card shop and know for a fact that a FEW cards for men have some ribbon on them. most of them have something more like a cord, twine or raffia. i think this card is just manly enough. its not like you made a pink card. also, i know this because i work in a card store, the over all selection for mens cards is at least 30% less than the cards for women. Father's day vs. Mothers day is even worse. i bet we get 50% less for father's day.

Your cards would sell like hotcakes in a retail store.

you are so creative.

Janelle Janish said...

i think your card is great. i make cards for my hubby all the time with ribbon. i just don't use girly colors.