Sunday, January 6, 2008

Flower Child

Well this stamp set "Flower Child" was a new set that I bought thinking "I will never use that" but the "flower lover" in me liked it. I didn't have much to do today, so I pulled it out and made myself use it. I think I love the yellow card the best, but it must be because I am so ready for summer. (Don't tell Charlie, because I am always stressing to him the importance of winter in the cycle of trees, grass, and flowers). So on this 1st card I used the cuttlebug for the black background, red pattern paper from the CTMH "Everlasting" and a combo of markers and colored pencils for the little ladybug. I also used a drop of liquid glass on the dots.

I had a heck of a time getting the pictures today, the wind is blowing a 40 miles per hour. I have about 10 pictures of the cards blowing over. lol!!

For this 2nd card I used all color pencils on the flower child image. I used the ones from CTMH, but I think any kind will match since the CTMH ones are not true to color (or at least for me anyways) I also added prisma glitter on the edges of the petals. I really liked how that turned out, it looks better in person.

And my favorite one, Buttercup is the color. I used a combo of markers and pencils again. It's just a real happy card.

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Anonymous said...

Those are precious...what a way to sell some stamps, I gotta have those Bettye