Thursday, February 28, 2013

Golf Score Card holder

This is not a She Art, but I am still adding to the label. I used the same techniques as making the girls, but of course this is a manly project! I was asked to make something to hold a score card for a "best round ever" card. This project was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed making the clouds- I used some think modeling paste and they are very 3d.  I also used a page out of a children's dictionary with the definition for Golf as one of the hills.
ETA: Marie reminded me that Golf is also for women!! I forget that women play too, in my house it's what the men do while the women craft!!
I will be back with cards starting tomorrow!!


NJ Stamping Queen said...

What a fabulous idea and execution of a golf scorecard holder! I don't know why you think this is only manly--I, for one, am a golfer and would love this as a gift! Women DO play golf too! Thanks for the inspiration--I just may have to make this for all my golfing friends--men and women alike!
:) Marie

Pam said...

I sm a huge golfer and at my club the women would love this holdet. Great job.