Thursday, February 14, 2013

Book Review: The Shadow and the Star

Wealthy, powerful and majestically handsome, he is a man of dark secrets--a master of the ancient martial arts of an exotic distant land. Scarred by a childhood of shocking degradation, he has sworn to love chastely... but burns with the fires of unfulfilled passion.

Lovely, innocent and nearly destitute, she is drawn to him by a fevered yearning she could never deny -- following her enigmatic "shadow warrior" into a dangerous world of desire and righteous retribution

This book is a sequel to another book, and I really enjoyed 1st book, so I decided to read this one. I have to say that I wasn't as impressed with this book. The story was good and I like reading about Samuel, because his story from the 1st book was so sad.  But the problem I had was with all the Japanese training and fighting. It's just not my thing and I found it rather boring. That aside, the love story between Samuel and Leda was wonderful. I enjoyed how I could tell that Samuel loved her, but he didn't know himself.  The best part of the book for me was the glimpses of Lady Tess and Lord Gryphon from the 1st book-The Hidden Heart.

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