Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Book Review : Lessons in French

Trevelyan and Callie are childhood sweethearts with a taste for adventure, until the fateful day her father discovers them embracing in the carriage house and, in a furious frenzy, drives Trevelyan away in disgrace. Nine long, lonely years later, Trevelyan returns. Callie discovers that he can still make her blood race and fill her life with excitement, but he can't give her the one thing she wants more than anything--himself.

For Trevelyan, Callie is a spark of light in a world of darkness and deceit. Before he can bear to say his last goodbyes, he's determined to sweep her into one last, fateful adventure, just for the two of them.

The cover of this book is such a turn off for me-it screams cheesy romance.
 BUT I really have enjoyed other books by this author, and this book came recommend from friends. The story is much better!!!

 Trev is a delicious hero and I thought he was very well-written. I enjoyed how he was somewhat of a rebel, cause a little trouble and be mischievous.  Although it seemed sometimes childish, it did make him seem more real.. His need to rebel got him into trouble sometimes - something Callie helps him with - I loved that his feelings are upfront almost from the beginning and that there are several times before the end where he tells her he loves her. *swoon*  They are really cute and sweet together, but the chemistry is also sizzling; was a perfect mix of both. I loved the back-and-forth between them and how they played off one another; they were a very good fit. Callie and Trev are somewhat of what I call daydreamers- always imagining an adventure of some kind-- and when they are together they pretend out-loud, it's quite cute. (Trev also does it with his mother!)  
Trev is back from leaving the country (for reasons that weren't 100% clear to me) to see to his sick mother. He bumps into Callie, who is not married to his surprise but instead has been jilted 3 times! Callie agrees to help get Trev's mother's estate back in order and help her to get better. In the mist of all this her cousin/male guardian loose Callie's beloved (and prized) bull Hubert in a bet. Callie is crushed and Trev makes a plan to get the bull back for her. Which turns out to be a huge mess.
I adore the ending of this book- it was so sweet and finding out that Trev's mother was up to some matching making made me laugh out loud!

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