Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Project Life Set Up

Today I thought I would take a break from the Rock the Block and show you my set up for Project Life. (This is for 2012, a new system for me that I think will work well) This year Project Life has lots of new features/products, so here is how it will work for me. In the past there was only one design of page pages, but NOW we have choices! I love that Becky Higgins has created several different designs. But because of that I needed something that would give me easy access to all the pages. I found this hanging file folder box (It's called"Really Useful Box"and I got it at Office Depot) In the box I have all the different design of page protectors, the Clementine cardstock and a few other things as well. The file folder box and core kit fit right under my work table, the only thing not there is the album(I keep that on the coffee table in the living room for anyone to look at)
Here you can see the cute little box for Clementine, my choice for 2012. All of the journaling cards and decorative inserts are here. This little box is new, and I love it! Everything together!!
Here you can see I have the first set of cards in the page protector already ( I will be showing you this in detail next week)
Here is a view of the inside of the box. Each of the hanging folders contains 1-2 of the different designs of the page protectors. I used the card board that came with them to divide them even further in the file folder. (Note-I did have to cut the cardboard down some with the craft knife so they would fit. All of the pages fit perfect, only the cardboard needed trimming)
Here you can see the trimmed cardboard.
I also got a package of the 12x12 envelopes-these will be so useful for Birthdays when there are lots of cards to keep
I also keep the extra matching Clementine cardstock in here. Separate from my CTMH cardstock
In the very front pocket I keep some assorted size page protectors.(8 1/2 x 11, 6x6 and other sizes that I have found useful in the past) I also keep CTMH flip flaps in here, these things saved me last year! They are great when for when there was just too many pictures for just one day. Like a birthday party or 4th of July!
Some of my favorite features of the core kit are the "day" stickers--I use these like crazy!
Also these are the folding journaling cards-great for those long winded stories! What I love about this year's design is that they don't have that tab at the top, so you can use them just as a 4x6 card and wouldn't have to fold them. So that's it! I will be back next week to show you how I decorated the cover page for the album.
More Rock the block in the morning!


KayE said...

Thanks, Aaron! I am going to use this for 2012! I may be asking lots of questions!

Jenifer said...

Am excited to see fellow CTMH consultants doing this! Hubby ordered this for Christmas! I am looking forward to doing this.

Wendy Taylor said...

I'm wondering about using CTMH products and making my own version that way and encouraging customers - maybe have a workshop here and there to keep them going..... wow - love this concept!
So you put your everyday happenings and thoughts and whatnot in this book, right?

Gretel from Oahu said...

I have been looking for a 12x12 hanging file box just like this! Will definitely check Office Depot. Thanks for the tip...

Cheryl Even said...

Looks cool! I was wondering, do the pages fit in CTMH albums? They would be great to supplement our photo storage pages.