Friday, September 2, 2011

Close to My Heart Cricut Cartridge gift bag VIDEO

Here is a video on how to make the small gift bag from the CTMH cricut cartridge.
Have a great weekend!
ETA: to answer some of Karens questions-
There is no standard to set the dial at, you can cut whatever image you want at whatever size you need. If you are using a 2 part image then you need to leave the dial at the same size for both pieces, the very smart people at provo craft have figure out all the details so that the cut correctly.
As for the boarders-I am guessing what you are saying about tricking the machine is correct, unless you have the gypsy then you can manipulate the shape sizes.


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing your great tutorial, Aaron! I'm going to make a gift bag for my dad's birthday. Just LOVE the AP cartridge, and you've motivated me to try this cute project! When I finish mine, I'll post and link back to you. Blessings!

Karen said...

Cute gift bag thanks for the video Aaron! I just got my cricut recently and the biggest problem I have is knowing what size to turn the dial to--you kind of touched on that subject in your video--is there a standard rule or is each icon different? Someone also told me that you cannot cut 1/2" X 12" borders with the Expression unless you use a 24 inch mat to trick the cricut--is that what you have found? Or do you just cut them in the length they come and piece them together? Sorry for all the questions!

Karen said...

Thanks Aaron

I guess I get what you are saying about setting the dial for the width you want of a particular item, how would for example make a scalloped rectangle for a 3 x 5 photo? What would you set the dial to?

Anonymous said...

really appreciate explaining how to use the cricut as am first time user
thanks so much