Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Book Review-Outlander Series

By far, these are the BEST books I have read in a very long time! You can read all the descriptions about the story here.
I am head over heals in LOVE with Jamie Fraser, in fact I am sure that no man could ever live up to him--ha, ha I say that as if he is a real person and not a character in a book!
This book is filled with Sottish history, and I enjoy history of all kinds, but my knowledge of Scotland and it's history was very limited. So ever so often I would have to Google battles or kings to find out who or what happened.

These books are thick, 900 pages or more per book-but don't let that sway you from reading it. The are worth every page!! And you will learn something about history as well a read a love story that will make your heart flutter!

The author loves a cliffhanger!! And there for after book one, I couldn't stop thinking about what happened, so I HAD to read book 2. Well the end of book 2 was worse, and I sat in the chair crying, I don't mean a few tears, I mean full fledged sobbing...... so I immediately downloaded book 3!! I am not real good with waiting.

The end of book 3 left everyone safe and happy, there for I decided it to be a good stopping point for the time being. (Not that I can even stop thinking about the characters)
There are 4 more books after these in the series, and the author is currently writing the what she says to be the last book in the series now due out in 2013. So I am going to read the next books a little slower, like I said I am not great with waiting and a cliffhanger that required me to wait for a year may just kill me!!

I will warn you, there are some pretty gruesome battles described, along with some sex and rape. I think these scenes are meant to make you relate to the characters and love them even more-it worked.

If you have read these books, email me, I would love to chat about them (I am almost positive that everyone in my house is very tired of hearing about Jamie Fraser, they just don't get it)


Debbie Carriere said...

Aaron, I have read the entire series so far And LOVE them all!!! Definitely cliff hangers! Now, I need to check if she has written installment yet :)

Carla said...

Yep- I've read them all! My favorite book series EVER! And yes, I do have a love for Jamie Fraser that my husband will just never understand, lol! I'm not a sci-fi girl, so I was originally skeptical about reading a time- traveling book- but I was absolutely hooked from the first chapter! Love the historical basis of the stories!

Dawn said...

What? There are 7 books? I think I've read 4. Do I even dare to download the next one to my Kindle? These books take over my life. I absolutely cannot put them down. And the next season of Biggest Loser is starting tonight. If you notice I stopped updating my blog, you'll know what happened.

You are such an enabler!!

By the way, have you checked out goodreads.com? Great way to keep track of books you've read and share them with others. Love it!

Sheila Bennett said...

YES! My very favorite book series. :) And I would highly recommend Pillars of the Earth. It is another epic historical novel set in medieval England around the building of a cathedral. Has nothing at all to do with the Outlander series, except that I think you would enjoy it if you enjoyed Outlander.

Lara said...

Love this series!! Although when I get my hands on one, my scrapbooking tends to suffer as I cannot put the book down. So glad to see others as hooked as I am! Love seeing your beautiful projects. TFS! Lara