Wednesday, February 23, 2011

more green and a book review

This green trim has been around my craft room for a very long time, in fact I think I bought it almost 6 years ago when I started with Close to My Heart. I have pulled it out on lots of occasions, and only ever used it one other time. You can see that here.
I cut the shamrocks with my cricut-FYI I am really starting to love that machine and have even figured out a few tricks with it.
This book was a great read, I love when everything works out at the end. This is really a story of all the women in a family, who are all in the food industry. One in particular has broken away from the rest of the family to start on her own. She is have a ruff time of it, all while her daughter (who is VERY pregnant) goes away to be with her husband who has been very badly injured in the war. On top of her daughter being away and pregnant she is also keeping a step-grand daughter who has issues of her own. In the middle of all of this an old crush returns in her life. He turns out to be wonderful and oh so romantic!! One of the best things about the book is at the end of the chapters there are recipes, good ones. If you like to make bread then you will enjoy them even more. I tried a few and they were hits!

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Jeanne said...

Hi Aaron!

I've been checking out your blog daily, but haven't been leaving comments. You DO always share the neatest projects. I like how you are doing the Valentine projects with a St. Patty's theme.

I notice you said you are using your Cricut more. Isn't it fun?? I am having a complete blast with mine. I'd love to hear any tricks you are learning because I want to utilize mine to its fullest advantage(I have the baby bug).

Thanks, too, for the book review. I learn about lots of books I wouldn't have known about when bloggers share a review and this one sounds interesting! I will have to check my library to see if they carry it (the best way to check out new authors, without breaking the bank).

I appreciate all that you share and I just wanted to let you know. Thanks so much!