Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lifted from PaperCrafts page 29

So I think that I am the very last subscriber to get my copy of Papercrafts Magazine every time. Maybe it's because I love it so much that I can hardly wait for it show up in my mail box. (or my other theory is that someone at the post office reads it first)
As soon as I saw the card on page 29, I thought "oooh I have some clear flowers like that" How cleaver of the creator to heat up the flower to make it curl.

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Other-glitter glue

I also wanted to put in a quick plug for Papercrafts magazine. I have heard of a few people not so happy with this issue. I loved it!(it is full of great cards, projects and I am lovin the new format!) I did notice that it was a little thinner than normal and a lot less ads. I know that lots of companies are going different routes for advertising and I hope that this wont effect Papercrafts Magazine as it is my favorite. Not to mention they are awesome to work for! Just my opinion!


Sarah said...

Oh wow! you heated that clear flower..was that one of our connections club ones? It looks GREAT. The whole card is beautiful. I just want you to know that the whole reason I got into blogging was because of your blog! You do an amazing job.

SamieVt said...

This is amazing! I love it! I have to tell you ... yesterday I was in our small pharmacy (remember I am in a small area of Northern VT) digging through the magazine racks for the new copy of Stamp It. I finally found buried at the bottom a single copy. I started flipping pages and stopped the moment I recognized a CTMH paper. As I read ... I realized it was made by you. I said out loud (unintentionally) "I know her" LOL. (Well through cyberspace anyway). A half a dozen turned their head as my 11 yr old son started jumping up and down saying "let me see", "let me see"! You are like a superstar in our eyes!!!!!!

Sarah said...

P.S. I see that you won the recipe stamp set from Jeanette's Blog!!!! Congratualtions..I am sure you will come up with some amazing goodies with it! (unless there is another AaronB)

Karrie O. said...

It's funny that you mentioned that about Papercrafts magazine. This week I noticed it at a store and was wondering why I hadn't recieved my copy. We a few days later I got it. Must be how they ship it out across the country. I too loved the issue. Pretty card!!
I have to agree with Sarah, I was inspired by your blog to (and ETSY). Have a SWEET day!! Karrie O.