Friday, August 1, 2008

Day 3

We had a day full of new products and projects
We made a clear acrylic album, 4 scrapbook pages, 3 cards and learned all about the new items.
We got a new catalog and it is wonderful.
Here are some of the highlights
Hollyhock Album
2 sided B& T paper
New ribbon
Mushroom and Owl stamps
wonderful mini melody accents
stamp pad storage
and oh so much more.
And my Album was not in the top ten, but I did have 7 items on the artwall!!


Anonymous said...

You should have been in the top 10..Glad you are having fun and its great that you made the "wall" 7 times at that. Keep posting.


Anonymous said...

She said that I am in one of her pieces on the art'm in florida too!! I wish!!I need a vacation.
Aaron you are top ten in my eyes. Actually you are top one for me. have fun and learn lots!
luv ya, Bev