Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sculpting Foam Directions

Here are the supplies that you need. The white sheet is the backing to stickers or you can use transparency. Anything that will release the sculpting foam well.Get a small amount of foam and role it into a ball. Then place it on the release sheet. I then spay the block with the stamp cleaner to help the foam release from the block, you can also use baby powder if you like the foam more dry.
Press the foam with the block firmly.

Then I use the brayer to roll the foam out as thin or as thick as I need. (adding a little cleaner to the brayer helps too)

Once again I use the cleaner for release on the stamp.

Press the stamp firmly into the sculpting foam. If you mess up start over!!
At this point I let the foam dry just awhile, about 5 minutes. To the point of it's still some what wet, but more dry. (Is that clear as mud?). I then use a metal edge (you could use a knife too) to cut the foam into a square. Be sure to use the grid on the mat to line it up so the square is strait. (or it will look like this one in the picture the is lop-sided.)

After it dries add ink to the raised edges. Be careful it can tear when it is dry. I like to glue mine down with regular adhesive, but you could use glue dots if you are worried about tearing it.

So the Correct answer is....

scrapbookcrafty_mom said...
Please tell me you used scultpting foam and can teach us all how to use it!
March 1, 2008 11:21 PM

email me your address at and I will send you the card!!


scrapbookcrafty_mom said...

Yeah! Thanks for showing this card, have to get that stuff out again and try, try, try!

Chance's mom said...

I just knew Dixie did it...Nice instructions you make it look so easy. thanks

scrappernic said...

Thanks for the instructions--I've never had good luck with sculpting foam. Guess it's time to get it out and play again :)