Saturday, March 1, 2008


March has finally made it!! I think February was the longest month ever, it seemed to drag on and on. One of my new favorite things is Textured Cardstock and this card has Desert Sand Textured Cardstock on it!! I only have 1 sheet of it, so I am using it sparingly.
Want to win this card?
Take a guess by posting a comment how I did the star, and I will do a random drawing for the winner!! you must post by midnight tonight (central time)
Have a good weekend!


Anonymous said...

So cute! I love the card.

Chance's mom said...

Dixie licked the paper until it was wet and you smashed it in...That Dixie

Anonymous said...

Did you use your iron on velvet?

Cathy S.

The Closet Crafter said...

Please tell me you used scultpting foam and can teach us all how to use it!

Erica said...

so...I think I am totally lifting this for my you or have you done other work with the foam? I need to "wow" them...and think this will!