Friday, August 2, 2013

Homemade Protien Bars for Sam Heughan

By now you are aware of my love for reading and my obscession with OUTLANDER! If you didn't know it's going to be a STARZ series--be still my heart!!
The lead character Jamie has been cast, and my good friend Theresa over at made a special Power Bar recipe for the new leading man! His name is Sam Heughan and he is a marathon runner and triathlete. (I think he will make the perfect Jamie. He's tall, thin and from Scotland!!)
If you are on twitter, you should follow him, he has been really great about tweeting with the fans!
I did a Facebook post last month when Outlander Kitchen posted the recipe! If you are looking for the a wonderful, super easy and yummy recipe for a power bar try this one! And be sure to let OutlanderKitchen know that I sent you! Click the link below!

  Peanut Butter Power Bars for Sam Heughan as JAMMF


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