Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Book Review: Faith Bass Darling's Last Garage Sale

On the last day of the millennium, sassy Faith Bass Darling, the richest old lady in Bass, Texas, decides to have a garage sale. With help from a couple of neighborhood boys, Faith lugs her priceless Louis XV elephant clock, countless Tiffany lamps, and everything else from her nineteenth-century mansion out onto her long, sloping lawn.
Why is a recluse of twenty years suddenly selling off her dearest possessions? Becasue God told her to.
As the townspeople grab up five generations of heirlooms, everyone drawn to the sale--including Faith's long-lost daughter--finds that the antiques not only hold family secrets but also inspire some of life's most imponderable questions: Do our possessions possess us? What are we without our memories? Is there life after death or second chances here on earth? And is Faith really selling that Tiffany lamp for $1?

This book is one that I spotted in Southern Living Magazine's book recommendation. To me this book was a kind of mystery, although the only person who didn't know what happened was me-the reader. Faith has lost all her family, some by death others because they couldn't deal with the small town life and ran away.  As the story unfolds we find that something is wrong with Faith, mentally- (Alzheimer) She has decided to sale everything in her house (because God told her to) and the town is raking in the deals on her very valuable antiques. One concerned citizens calls her estranged daughter and she comes home. She has been gone along time and is remembering all the thing about the town that she had tried to forget, including how her brother and father have died.
At the beginning of the chapters it tells the story of the antique item and how it came to live in the Bass house- I really like those parts. Faith made me sad, it is so hard to understand an Alzheimer's patient and why they do the things they do. In the end everything works out for the best. 
I wish I could have gotten a Tiffany lamp for $1.

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