Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lucy Trailer Update

 Several of you have asked me about the Trailer project, known as the Lucy Trailer. You can see more pictures and info about her here. **Most of these pics were taken with my phone, so they are not the greatest.
1st up I removed all of the thin wood covering all of the walls and seats. Then I removed so sticky faux tiles that the previous owner had installed. This was a back breaking job but worth it to get to the original floor.

 The back wall of the trailer had a lot of water damage ( the ac unit was not installed well and water leaked around it.) My sister came one weekend and helped me replace the whole back wall about the ac.

 As of today all of the wall, cabinets, drawers and the stove/oven have been repainted. Most of the aluminum on the inside has been polished. The fridge has been painted with chalk board paint. Vintage yellow knobs added to the cabinets and drawers. New breakers and wire for all the electrical stuff have been replaced, including plugs under the fridge so that I could inclose a couple of areas behind the table/seating area for more counter space.
Things that still need to be done is new lighting ( I have made my own chandaler that is super cute), the floor needs a good cleaning, cushions made for the table area and the back bench. And of course paint on the outside ( I may have to save more $$ before that gets done)
I am ready to be onto the decorating part of the project- all the fun stuff for the inside. I have been having lots of fun with the whole thing. I am glad all the labor part of it is over!

Over Thanksgiving new curtains were sewed and installed.


Casandra Bennett said...

Wow! That looks like quite a project. :) Reminds me of our old camper. Hubby wanted to do a remodel of it, too, but he couldn't convince me due to the rotted hole in the bathroom floor. (Love your new curtains!)

Maria said...

doing a great job. love the colors