Monday, September 10, 2012

Book Review: The Bronze Horseman

I am very surprised this one has not been made into a movie ( not that I know of ) because it is one of those gut wrenching love stories. This is the story of Tatiana and Alexander- who find themselves in love in the middle of a war- and I mean big war, Hitler is attacking Russia in an unstoppable blitz of Leningrad. Alex is a soldier in the Red Army, and his story of how he ended up there is quite interesting. He is keeping a secret of his own that could be very deadly for him. Tatiana lives in a 2 bedroom apartment with her sister and brother, mother and father, and grandparents.
There are so many things that interfere with Tatiana and Alex being together, and when they finally are it's a very powerful story!
I will tell you that at a little over half way, I thought about giving up on the book. Living during that time and in that place was brutal. After so many pages about starving and freezing to death, literally, I didn't think I could read much more. A few book group friends said that it got better and to read on, so I did and I am very glad. It was such a good Love story- so that's my warning, it's a little depressing to read at some points but hang on it does get better. The book also made me thank God that I live in the time I do and have all the things that I do, because I am pretty sure that I would not be able to survive as Tatiana and Alex did.

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