Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Book Reviews: The Fiery Cross and One For the Money

I finished the 5th novel in the Outlander Series. There is not much to say about this serious, except that I love these books. The characters feel like old friends, and in all honesty I miss them when I am reading something else. I have made this rule for myself that I have to read at least 2 books before I can read the next one in the series. I love the Outlander series so much that I want it to last. This book finds Jamie and Claire in North Carolina, 1772ish. I will say this book was much less intense that the earlier books and I like that. It seems that when the books are intense I have a hard time putting them down. Jamie turned 50 in this book, and I find that I like the older Jamie very well. Brianna and Roger are also in this book (Brianna is Claire and Jamie's grown daughter) their story is starting to take shape in this book, and you start to see how things might come together in the next books.
I would highly recommend these books to everyone!
I like to read books that become movies (except pet books/movies with sad endings) so when I saw this book and movie preview I gave it a try. This is a really funny book, and an easy read. I read this book in 2 days (it took me almost 3 weeks to read the Fiery Cross, a book with over 1000 pages)From what I can tell there are several in the series of Stephine Plum, and I might give them a try later on. Stephine Plum has just lost her job and must resort to bounty hunting to make some money. She takes the case of and old grade school acquaintance who is accused of murder, but skipped bail to prove his inosense. In turn for her help proving he is not guilty, he will let her trun him in and collect the money.
Below is the movie preview-

As for the pet books/movies, I don't like sad endings where the pet or animal dies.....so those of you who are wondering I have not read War Horse or watch the movie---to worried the horse might die! Marley and Me almost did me in!!


Anonymous said...

Because of you, I have started to read the Outlander seriers. I have just finished the 3rd book. As you said, each one is just great.

I have also read all 18 Stephanie Plum books. Each one is funny and an easy read. At times, I have laughed out loud and that is something I never do.

Can't wait till the movie comes out.

Barb K

Leslie said...

Wow, book #5 I didn't realize I had gotten that far in the series. My sister loaned them to me, but I had to return them last year and haven't gotten past #5. Loved the whole concept of time travel.

UK said...

Outlander goes above and beyond romance. Gabaldon's characters reach out and grab a person, you will either like them or hate them, but each character will leave his and her impression on you. James Fraser is the Hero in the book, and not your average "romantic" male. Diana Gabaldon portrayed him in a realistic way, from bodily functions to the typical male "Mmmphmmm!" Jamie is a man to fall in love with. I have to be honest and say that I did not like Claire, BUT it is a sign of Diana's flair for writing, she brings life into the characters. I