Monday, November 28, 2011

My Crazy New Project and Book Reviews

Meet Lucy-1968 Aristocrat Travel Trailer! My new project! While surfing the internet back in October I came across several pictures of vintage travel trailers. I thought it would be fun to have one, to work on it myself and make it into a "fun room". I set out looking for one, really not expecting to find anything in my price range. (most of the ones that I found on line were fully restored and ranged in price from $5000 to $25000!!!) After a week of online searching and phone calls I happened upon an old ad of Craigslist for this trailer. I was for sure that it had already sold, but called anyway. It was fate, they still had they trailer and they were right here in Lubbock!!
Below is a picture of how she will look in the future--or something like it!

If you wonder how she got her name....There is an old, old movie with Lucile Ball in it called The Long, Long Trailer. Look here for some info. When we went to pick her up, we had a little mishap with the door getting ripped off. It was a total "I Love Lucy" moment. Never fear, I fixed the door, and am well on my way remodeling the inside. I will keep you updated with some more pictures later on.
Now for a few book reviews.
The Happiness Project. You can read all about it here. This book came recommended from some one in my Project Life Scrapbook club. This is not my normal type of reading, self I really consider myself a happy person to begin with, but I was interested in what she had to say.
The author also considers herself happy, but wanted to see how she could become even more happy. I will say that I don't plan on doing any kind of happiness project, but the book did reveal some things in myself that I wanted to try to be better at. Things like making my bed everyday. I dont do this for the plan reason of laziness, but when I do it makes me happy to see it made, so I thought I would put in an effort to do it everyday. And lots of other things as well. Try to meet new people every week, saving more money and spending money of something just for fun, better eating habits as well as lots of other thing. If you are interested in starting your own happiness project you should read the book, it is well worth it. You can also google "the happiness project" and find lots of blogs and ideas on doing one.
The Highlander Series by Maya Banks
***Disclaimer*** I don't normally pick romance novels to read, but in my state of not feeling so well I went with something simple, and well, I enjoy a good love story just as much as the next person!!
These books are exactly what they appear to be **ROMANCE NOVELS**. I use a website called to help recommend books for me. It's a great system where you enter the books you have read and give them a star rating. Based on what you like the site recommends books for you. A few weeks back I was really sick, ended up staying in bed Friday, Saturday and most of Sunday, while laying in bed for 2 1/2 days I read all three of these books. The books are written well and very entertaining~ Each book is a separate story of 3 brothers who are Scottish Highland warriors. All three books have struggle to get their woman back from some outlandish capture and they all end with a happily ever after love and live..... the kind that we all know doesn't exist, but love to hear about. Like I said they are romance novels, so there is quite a bit of sex in the books, but as far a love stories go they are great for the Happy Ever After Feeling we all like to believe in.

Goodreads had popped up with these books (I am sure it has to do with the Outlander series being in the Highlands of Scotland and that they also fall in the romance section) I LOVE the Outlander Series, and I don't really think they are "romance novels" although the books do have love stories in them I think they are so much more! (I could go on for ever about the Outlander series, can you tell?)

I also finished the 4th book in the Outlander Series-all I can say is I love these characters even more with each book. I highly recommend the series--start with the 1st one and you will be hooked!


Amy Moore said...

I love your little trailer! What a fun project to take on, can't wait to see the progress!

Paige Dolecki said...

Can't wait to see more pictures of Lucy - what a fun, fun project! Hope you are feeling better now!


Unknown said...

Love the Outlander series!!! I started reading them 10 years ago and have had to wait for them to be written. . .argh! Each time the new one comes out I re-read the whole series :)

Connie Conlon said...

Hi Aaron, Love you blog and all of the inspiration. Been patiently waiting for updated pictures of Lucy. How is it coming