Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mushroom Thank you card Set

Mushrooms are everywhere, and they are growing on me. The more I see them the cuter I think they are.
This is a set of 4 simple Thank you cards and a "envelope" holder. This top picture is of the holder all closed up. It's hard to tell, but the small white rectangle is shimmery. I painted over it with pearl paint before I stamped it. I learned how to do that here.
On a side note-We got to the part in my photography class on White Balance. So no more blue colored photos-I hope!!!
Supplies from CTMH-
White Daisy CS, Tulip CS, Bamboo CS, Bamboo ink, Bamboo marker, Tulip Marker, Dream Big stamp set, Kanji Phrases stamp set, Pearl Paint, Envelopes, White Daisy Ribbon, foam squares
Other-mini envelopes

Here is a picture of the holder and one of the note cards and envelopes. To see the pictures larger just click on them.
To get the different colored mushrooms (the stems and caps) I simply colored the stamp with CTMH markers!
Below you will see how the cards fit into the holder.

Here is a list of what you need and their sizes.

Here is a close up of how to create the holder.


Kat said...

I love your Blog! I check it almost daily to see what new things you are posting. You make the coolest things and I love the creativity and how intricate they are! I'm still making basic stuff, so I'm very jealous of your ideas and always hope to get some new ideas from your posts. :) Thanks for the great artwork!

Kim said...

Great cards! That little mushroom is sooo cute!