Thursday, September 4, 2008

Butterfly Card #2

Like I said, I am on the Butterfly kick again. Funny thing about this card is when I showed it to Charlie and asked him what he thought it was, he wrinkled up his nose. So it either doesn't look anything like a butterfly or Charlie has zero imagination!
Moving on, I did get my table yesterday, problem is it needs to be painted. I could have swore that the builder and I discussed it being white, but he claims that he told me that he doesn't paint. Oh well, it's out in the shop, and I love it!!! When I got in from work last night I spent the rest of the night re-organizing my craft room and vacuuming. You would not believe the amount of dust bunnies, dog hair, brads and tiny scraps of paper that accumulated behind stuff. Yuck!
Supplies-All from CTMH-Colonial White CS, Honey CS, pattern paper from Silhouette, Black Ink, Honey Ink, Black buttons, black spirals, Western Flourishes stamp set, Be True Stamp set


Shan said...

I think it looks like a butterfly! Love it. Would never have thought to do that with that stamp set! Can't wait to see the table. Sounds awesome.

Trinka said...

I knew it was a the creativity you come up outside of the box. Beautiful colors on this card~