Thursday, July 24, 2008

Life Saver and Info on getting published

I have had several comments with questions asking me how to get published. I am by no means an expert on this, nor do I have any inside information. This is just how I go about getting published or winning the art contest.
For getting published-

1. Magazine's have specific things they are looking for-look on there website. It only appears for a short amount of time. I will tell you that with PC magazine they send out an email to previously published artist listing what they need. This happens a few days before the information is released to the public and we are not allowed to share.

2. They will take submissions at anytime, but I recommend looking for the "calls" and making specific items just for that.

3. Take clear pictures of you project.

4. List everything you used, and keep track of it for when your project is accepted.

5. The time frame for submitting your artwork is short, around a week or week and a half. As soon as I am given the information I spend the rest of the time making numerous things. It is very time consuming.
For the CTMH Contest-
I send in 1 item per month/contest. I usually make it specifically for that contest, unless I have something laying around that might work. When I design it I try to think about the "time" it will be judged. For example-will they be judging January's contest February and have Valentine's on their mind. Or November's contest in December-so I would send a Christmas item. See what I am getting at?
I also try to use products in unique ways.
I also think they see lots of cards and scrapbook pages-I try to make some that will stick out in their minds.
I don't have a clue if any of this really works or I am just lucky!
Lots of what you see here on the blog is rejected projects-So keep trying maybe you will have luck like me!
Now for the card-Just so you know this card was for the stamping Royalty contest-aka-reject.
Supplies-All CTMH-Colonial White CS, Boom-di-ada pattern paper, paper flower, buttercup spiral, hollyhock rick-rack, Liquid glass, Olive ink, Hollyhock ink, buttercup ink, Be happy Stamp set


Anonymous said...

You make it sound so easy, but you have to talent like you...You are so very talented. Keep 'em coming.


Jeani said...

Great info, Aaron, thanks! Also wanted to let you know I've tagged you! Check out my blog for the details!

Erica said...

thanks for taking the time to give your input on contests! Very cute lifesaver card!

Ramona said...

thanks for your inspiration!
I made cute little matchbook holders added lifesavers and passed out for swaps and goodies to my CTMH friends