Thursday, September 27, 2007

Magnet Boards

I discovered the directions to make these magnet board. Sheets of galvanized steel bent at the correct angle and covered with paper. The directions I have said that Home Depot would cut this to any size I needed. Wrong. They suggested I buy a pair of tin snips. Good thing I know a couple of welders, just gave Lonnie a call and he kindly cut them down for me. He was also nice enough to bend them too!!! I whip through these 4 in no time at all. I gave Lonnie another call to ask about more cutting and bending.

This is how the conversation went (no names have been changed to protect the Innocent)

Aaron: Hey Lonnie, you cut and bent that sheet of metal just perfect. I was wondering if I could get you to do me 2 or 3 more?
Lonnie: Hundred? Hell No!!!
Aaron : No sheets?
Lonnie: I guess my cell phone cut out, sure I will come by and get them.
Aaron: Thanks, maybe we can be on one of those commercials for drop calls!! hee hee hee
Lonnie: Huh?
So check back soon for the others.

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bev said...

i think they are all great!