Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Daily Card

So several of the other CTMH consultants have started doing this Daily card thing. And of course if everyone else is jumping off the bridge....I can't be left out.

Supplies--Deck of 52 playing cards, scrap supplies, and a vivid imagination.

A simple deck of cards, turned into art, one day at a time. (or week, for those of you that are not in the craft mood everyday)A visual diary of 52 days of my life. A reason to do something creative every single day. I am choosing to do mine by words that are part of my day, or I want to reflect on for that day.

Card 1--relax
I had a real long day at work (mostly of doing nothing that's why it was long) All I could think about as I left my office was to relax in a hot bath.

(complete with 3-D bubbles and tile floor)

Card 2--addiction
I have a real problem, and there is no patch for it yet. I still have hope.

(my new favorite CTMH product--paint)

So check back daily for more cards....

1 comment:

chance's mom said...

What a neat idea, I love it. Is the hole in the corner for a binder ring??? How do you decide which card to use next??